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“Wish I had never left my native woods. Frederick Remington (1861-1909)”

Ogdensburg,New York is not a one tank trip from Lancaster,Ohio but if you are ever in the area make sure to visit this museum. What a find……A SCENIC SUNDAY AND THAT’S MY WORLD post

A visit to the Frederick Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg,NY. The City of Ogdensburg, New York, is located in northern St. Lawrence County along the southern shore of the beautiful St. Lawrence River, directly across from the Canadian towns of Prescott and Brockville, Ontario.


First, a view of the St. Lawrence River:(Hot summer day July, 2011)


Getting ready to step inside the museum where I hope the temperature is a little cooler.



The Remington family moved to Ogdensburg, New York when Remington was eleven and he attended Vermont Episcopal Institute, a church-run military school, where his father hoped discipline would rein in his son’s lack of focus, and perhaps lead to a military career. Remington took his first drawing lessons at the Institute. He then transferred to another military school where his classmates found the young Remington to be a pleasant fellow, a bit careless and lazy, good-humored, and generous of spirit. READ MORE. Next a plug for the museum.

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Frederic Sackrider Remington was an American painter, illustrator, sculptor, and writer who specialized in depictions of the Old American West, specifically concentrating on the last quarter of the 19th century American West and images of cowboys, American Indians, and the U. S. Cavalry. It’s all about the art:


Remington’s thoughts on art; “Art is a she-devil of a mistress, and if at times in earlier days she would not even stoop to my way of thinking, I have persevered and will so continue.”


Remington described this illustration, "A Study of Action,"

image Learn how Gen. David Petraeus uses "The Stampede," a painting by Frederic Remington to explain the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to reporters. CLICK


Also a writer;”Remington was unafraid of writing, and specialized in tales of high adventure in the West. His magazine articles were collected into books, and he published works of fiction as well, amounting to eight books in all: Pony Tracks (1895), A Rogers Ranger in the French and Indian War (1897), Crooked Trails (1898), Sundown Leflare (1899), Stories of Peace and War (1899), Men with the Bark On (1900), John Ermine of the Yellowstone (1902) and The Way of an Indian (1906).” CLICK I think I may do some reading.





How else are you going to reload your rifle on horseback at a full gallop? LOL

image Frederick Remington says, “ I am going to rattle down through all the ages.” Joe Todd says, “Thanks for stopping by. All the photos are mine and most of the research was done on the net. I’ve tried to give some interesting back links to original material. ENJOY

I knew the wild riders and the vacant land were about to vanish forever... and the more I considered the subject, the bigger the forever loomed. Without knowing how to do it, I began to record some facts around me, and the more I looked the more the panorama unfolded.”

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Visit To The Warther Museum,Grounds,and Family Home


The Warther Museum is a must see if you are anywhere near Dover,Ohio in east-central Ohio.

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“The museum showcases the 64 ebony, ivory and walnut train carvings created by Ernest “Mooney” Warther, a one-of-a-kind collection that has been appraised by the Smithsonian Institution as a “priceless work of art.” READ MORE


“Warther was considered by many to be an artist, mechanical genius, philosopher, inventor, collector, family man, showman, and knife maker who used his focus and determination to create so much with only a second grade education.” READ MORE ..The museum really does have an excellent web site. so go ahead and click on read more.Admission to the museum and grounds is reasonable and you can take pictures.


The above photo shows “Mooney” and part of the steel mill he carved from memory and used to work at. The bottom right photo shows the ”workings” under the model. |Yes it is a working model.



Philosopher – Mooney Warther:: “Start right where you are and act as if no one is trying to hinder you.”


Dover is close to  the Amish and Mennonite communities in Sugarcreek.


Now, a look at the workshops and gift store:::

c7  c8

I bought a:: 3.25" Long Paring Knife  The knife is designed for people with larger hands, or someone who just prefers a larger paring knife style. A little expensive but is by far the best knife I’ve ever owned.. Not to be put in the dishwasher but you do get lifetime sharpening.

  • Slightly larger handle than the Paring Knife
  • Great for peeling or digging the eyes out of potatoes.
  • Handcrafted from CPM® S35VN Steel.
  • Let’s head outside and see the grounds and the Warther Home::



    Bottom right photo shows the 100 year old Grape Arbor out the back door Last but nor least::: Mrs. Warther collected buttons and the are in the “Button House”


    73,000 buttons arranged in beautiful designs on the walls and ceiling. Yes those are some of the 5,000 arrowheads bottom right photo


    frameddownthetracks Appreciate you stopping by and I hope you have a great life. If you like museums The Warther Museum is special. The museum is also a stop on:AmericasByways_tucked_thClick on logo to check it out. 

    my world Tuesday

    One last item I found very interesting; Mooney Warther was fascinated by Abraham Lincoln as you can tell if you visit the museum. Here is a a link to Abraham Lincoln’s favorite poem LINK .. I didn’t even know old Abe had a favorite poem.. live and learn |I guess.

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    Things Aren’t Always What They Seem could be talking about Politicians LOL



    JOETODDSAYS210 For me: I have found that what seems to be a really terrible situation is often a blessing in disguise. Today; I know I only see a small fragment of what is really going on and that I am not “in charge.” My serenity is proportional to “living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time,and living life on life’s terms not mine.”

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    Wellsville Balloon Rally for SkyWatch Friday

    Leaving Lancaster,Ohio we had an adventure within an adventure.The Wellsville Balloon Rally… Enjoy:::::::::::: When I saw the balloons I immediately thought of SkyWatch Friday.

    We left Lancaster,Ohio on July 15th 2011 heading for the 1000 Islands region of upper New York,specifically Black Lake. See photo below. We stopped Friday night in Wellsville N.Y. and when we woke up on Sat morning we saw::::


    Saturday morning found us at the C. & G. Bed and Breakfast sitting on the patio having coffee and we looked up at the sky. Patio photo below::


    Before there was a balloon rally, the only aviation activity was an annual Fly-In Breakfast sponsored by the Wellsville Aviation Club. READ MORE HISTORY




    The folks in the balloon asked us if we were enjoying our coffee. LOL


    A quick 55 second YouTube::

    Project1 Thanks for stopping by. Continue the adventure by checking out SkyWatch Friday

    Also, in the 1000 islands region of N.Y. you will find??????

    DSC_0064 The _______ museum subject of an upcoming post

    Tuesday, August 09, 2011

    Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore for Watery Wednesday


    Wild Beauty on the Lake Superior Shore

    Sandstone cliffs, beaches, sand dunes, waterfalls, lakes, forest, and shoreline beckon you to visit Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Hiking, camping, sightseeing, and four season outdoor opportunities abound. The Lakeshore hugs the Lake Superior shoreline for more than 40 miles. Lake Superior is the largest, deepest, coldest, and most pristine of all the Great Lakes. READ MORE

    Map picture



    The Bay Shore Park and Marina in Munising, Michigan Rich in history, beautiful scenery and natural wonders.


    The Song of Hiawatha, poem(s) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The scene of the poem is among the Ojibways on the southern shore of
    Lake Superior, in the region between the Pictured Rocks and the Grand Sable. READ MORE




    “Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse Located on the southeast shore of Grand Island, north of Munising.Latitude: 46.45667 Longitude: 86.6232. The pictures of the Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse to the left show the dramatic results produced by restoration efforts carried out sometime between 2001 and 2005. A local group known as the East Channel Lights Rescue Project has not only built the protective wooden crib in front of the lighthouse but has also restored and painted the structure.” READ MORE


    “Bridalveil Falls
    Located about a half-mile northeast of Miners Beach along the Pictured Rocks cliffs.
    Bridalveil Falls are only viewable by water or from a distance at
    Miners Castle. The falls cannot be seen from atop or from the North Country National Scenic Trail
    This is a seasonal waterfall that slows to a trickle in the summer and fall.  Bridalveil Falls is often featured on postcards and publications about Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.” READ MORE about area waterfalls


    DSC_0141 DSC_0140

    Lake Superior (French: Lac SupĂ©rieur) is the largest of the five traditionally-demarcated Great Lakes of North America. It is bounded to the north by the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of Minnesota, and to the south by the U.S. states of Wisconsin and Michigan. It is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area if Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are considered to be two lakes.[2] It is the world's third-largest freshwater lake by volume.[3] WIKIPEDIA


    DSC_0156 "Gitche Gumee meaning "big water."



    Northern Waters Adventures has guided sea kayak trips on Lake Superior for 15 years



    From the upper deck you could almost reach out and touch the rock


    mypictr_165x165 Joe Todd says, “ Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Why don’t you let the adventure continue by visiting Watery Wednesday. Sorry about not posting for awhile, I think I had one to many adventures and have been a little “under the weather” but am better now. Have a great life..”