Monday, August 25, 2014

Sidewalks & Trees In Lancaster,Ohio “Who Should be Responsible?”

MQTlogoa Is this a “Quality Time” problem?

LANCASTER, Ohio - A Lancaster city councilman has a plan to repair the city's cracked and crumbling sidewalks. Councilman Randy Groff said the city hasn't been enforcing the current code pertaining to sidewalks and it is impacting the safety of the community. READ MORE

My Story:: First, let me say I love trees and over my lifetime I have planted 100’s of trees. I’ve also cut a few down. ( one winter I heated my house with a really good wood stove and a lot of wood)..

100_8402 As far as I was concerned that is one beautiful tree and it did provide a lot of shade in the summer though raking the leaves was a pain.




One could not have a good sidewalk and that tree.



100_8416 The cost “to me” for having the tree taken down and the stump removed plus “clean up” was about $1200.00 At the present time I’m waiting to get the second estimate for having the sidewalk taken out and replaced. Mid Ohio did say they would come back and take out the rest of the stump that had grown under the sidewalk. (once the concrete is removed)

Remember:: I didn’t plant the tree.. the City of Lancaster did…..

What the City of Lancaster has to say:

Street Trees

“What is a street tree?
In the City of Lancaster, trees are generally located in either the public right of way (i.e., street tree) or on private property. Street trees are typically located along sidewalks adjacent to streets.” Read the whole story

Who is responsible for maintaining street trees?


“I want to prune, trim, remove (or anything else!) my tree, but I was told I need a permit.  Is this true?

A street tree was recently removed in front of my home.  How long do I have to replace it?
All trees removed must be replaced within one year of the removal unless exemption is granted by the Shade Tree Commission. I hope I’m not arrested for not replacing “the tree yet”

What if there is a storm?? I guess you just suck it up and have good insurance. (Storm of 2012)




DSC_0065  A STREET TREE?????? Maybe



A STREET TREE DESTROYS PART OF HOUSE IN LANCASTER,OHIO… That could have been MY HOUSE.. (there goes the bedroom) What does the City Of Lancaster say::: “Please consult with City Arborist Jim Bower about your site and personal concerns.  Future sidewalk damage can be avoided by choosing a tree variety that best suits each situation.”  I say “well maybe”

DSC_0059 “OUCH”

I met Mr. Bower when I got the permit to have “my street tree” taken down and it seemed to me he knew what he was doing. If a tree were to be planted the above “problems” could be avoided by choosing the correct tree variety.

header840700 Personally, I love the trees at Rising Park in Lancaster,Ohio… At my house three trees have been taken down including the “street tree”. I have planted six trees:: Apple,Peach, and Pear…two of each.. I planted them,take care of them, and enjoy their fruit.

DSC_0001a This year the pear trees in the side yard are loaded with delicious pears.

DSC_0004b So.. what is the answer? For me. I’m going to get the sidewalk fixed and with  Jim’s help replant a “street tree” of the proper variety. When you see all the damage that can be done by trees/storm etc. one can see just how important Jim’s job can be.

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Rising Park & Mount Pleasant…Lancaster,Ohio


MQTlogoa Is this a “Quality Time” problem? I would say Maybe…LOL

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Special thanks to: Jim Bowers & Jennifer Jarrell

One Last Photo from after the storm


Have a great day…..

Friday, August 22, 2014

Good Trade at “My Quality Time” For Funny Friday



Business_woman gif  Sally was driving home from one of her business trips in Northern Arizona when she saw a young

  Navajo woman walking on the side of the road. As the trip was a long and quiet one, she stopped the car

  and asked the Navajo woman if she would like a ride.
With a silent nod of thanks, the woman got into the car.

DSC_0242a Resuming the journey, Sally tried in vain to make a bit of small talk with the Navajo woman. The young woman just sat silently, looking intently at everything she saw, studying every little detail, until she noticed a brown bag on the seat next to Sally.

winebag 'What in bag?' asked the young woman. Sally looked down at the brown bag  and said, 'It's a bottle of wine. I got it for my husband.'

  The Navajo woman was silent for another moment or  two. Then speaking with quiet wisdom she said, “Good Trade…”

linda360x292JOETODD Linda and I hope you have a great day… Most of the photos in this post are from our western vacation.

  If you think this is an interesting road CLICK to learn more.

MQTlogoa Good Trade at “My Quality Time” For Funny Friday

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Walnut Creek Cheese..More Fun than Disneyland!”

MQTlogoa A “Quality Time” visit to Amish Country in the great state of Ohio.

Map picture

2641 Ohio 39, Sugarcreek, OH 44681…


Linda and I have been to this area of Ohio several times but this was our first time at Walnut Creek Cheese


cheese “A shopping experience that showcases the most delicious foods of Amish Country. Obviously, our name says cheese, but that’s only the beginning. Our Deli is chock full of local cheese and deli meats. The freshness comes not only from our huge volume but also from the fact that we never slice your product until you order it.” READ MORE

DSC_0003 Helpful Hint:: Bring a cooler when you head to Amish Country.



Walnut Creek Cheese has an entire 10,000 sq. ft. department dedicated to Kitchenware's and Home Decor? (Makes for a colorful photos)


“Our vision was to build a new warehouse in Walnut Creek. This dream was fulfilled in 1997 when we constructed our new warehouse facility. We designed our warehouse so that we could wrap our retail outlet around it when we outgrew our existing retail locations in Walnut Creek and Berlin. This happened in 2002. We were able to use the high ceilings and mezzanines from the warehouse to display the antiques and nostalgic items that I've collected over the years.” READ MORE




The jellies and jams are to die for--and you can taste before you buy!


There are multiple aisles of wonderful bulk foods. From spices and basics like flour and sugar to soup mixes, and cake mixes to name a few…

DSC_0089 Time to head on down the road. I found it a little “close” in the buggy. More about the buggy and Amish life in upcoming posts. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. (maybe not more fun than Disneyland but well worth the stop and return visits)

MQTlogoa A “Quality Time” visit to Amish Country in Ohio.

coolperson1 Did you hear about the Amish Flu? There are only two symptoms. First you get a little hoarse, then you get a little buggy.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thought For Today: Alcohol can and does Kill…

MQTlogoa There are people who can’t or shouldn’t drink for physical,mental,and spiritual reasons for it may kill them..(or others)

etoh1 CARDA Go out there and have a great day…. AND….. if you would like to read an inspiring story::::

Be Inspired & Visit Some Barns In…..Cades Cove TN.

JOELINDA1 Linda and I are heading out on a short road trip which I hope to share with you in upcoming posts…