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Life Cycle


Growing up is a weird notion to wrap your mind around. As you go through life, your perspectives on almost everything will change. How you define success will change as well. Things that you thought were important at the age of 35 will be useless when you're 65. You may not realize it now, but everything will shift.



At age 4 success is not peeing in your pants.



At age 12 success is having friends.




At age 16 success is having a drivers license.



At age 20 success is having sex.




At age 35 success is having money.





At age 50 success is having money.




At age 60 success is having sex.




At age 70 success is having a drivers license.




At age 75 success is having friends.




At age 80 success is not peeing in your pants.



It all comes full circle, whether you like it or not.

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May you always have

Love to Share,

Health to Spare, and

Friends who Care..



Thursday, February 19, 2015

FW: 12 pounds of Bananas



A little old lady is sitting in the violin section, fumbling for notes in a difficult key signature. After a few minutes the conductor becomes so enraged that he hits her on the head with his music stand, and the poor old dear dies instantly. Not surprisingly, he is convicted and put on death row. Just before he is to be electrocuted, his last request is for 12 pounds of bananas, which he devours. They strap him into the chair, flip the switch, and he just sits there, smiling. According to tradition, this is considered a reprieve from God and he is freed.
Somehow he gets his old job back, and he is happily conducting the orchestra when the trumpet player goes sharp. Enraged, he lunges out with his baton, skewering the offender's neck and killing him. Again, he is convicted and sent to death row. He again eats the 12 pounds of bananas, and lo and behold, the electricity does not harm him. This time the executioner cleans the contacts, makes him sit in a bucket of water; he tries everything - but the conductor won't die. So again, he is set free.
Amazingly he regains his job. It takes him 1 day to lose his temper and beat to death a trombonist. He returns to death row, eats the bananas, and survives the electrocution. At this point, the executioner can take no more - his professional pride has been hurt.
Before setting our friend free again, he asks him his secret, "What is it with the bananas?"
"Oh, the bananas have nothing to do with it," replies our friend. "I'm just a bad conductor."



Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Summer Landscape With Harvesters.. A detailed look

MQTlogoa A My Quality Time museum post from The Toledo Museum Of Art.


The Toledo Museum of Art is an internationally known art museum located in the Old West End neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio, United States. It houses a collection of more than 30,000 objects. READ MORE

A Summer Landscape With Harvesters

the big picture.


Now a detailed look:::






“A Summer Landscape with Harvesters is the largest and most spectacular of De Momper s harvest scenes and was likely part of a series.”


“Roger Berkowitz, museum director, said he fully expects the painting to become a favorite among visitors. “It is a spectacular, dramatic scene with over 70 figures engaged in a variety of intriguing activities of work and rest.”
Read More… A favorite of mine for sure….


Paintings by Joos de Momper (II)




220px-Dyck_Anthonis_van_-_Etching_of_Joost_de_Momper_the_Younger,_fifth_state_-_circa_1632_to_1641 Hope you enjoyed this My Quality Time museum post and the painting. NOW::::  One of the smaller photos above is not in the painting.. Which photo is it?????

On a personal note:: I was in Toledo visiting an old friend Tom K. He has been battling colorectal cancer for about three years and is having a “rough” time of it. Pleas keep Tom K. in your prayers. Also, when I got back to Lancaster my good friend Jim G. was rushed to the emergency room.  Please keep Jim G. in your prayers. As I have often said.”All we have is today let’s make the best of it.”… Jim G. came through emergency stomach surgery and is doing as well as can be expected at this time… Prayers Work…and so do surgeons…

MQTlogoa A My Quality Time museum post from The Toledo Museum Of Art.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Columbus Museum of Art Walkabout for My Quality Time

DSC_0209a Just to let you know, not all exhibits are open. Construction/renovation at The Columbus Museum of Art will soon give us:::

DSC_0033 DSC_0034

Map picture


Using the side entrance today.


Art and Money::: “Money. It is a simple fact of everyday life, as well as, a fundamental principal of our social, political, and economic order. It is a medium of exchange, an index and store of value, and a universal equivalent into which most anything can dissolve. It connects, defines, and divides nations. It is pocket change and dead presidents. It is the key to happiness and the root of all evil. It has no intrinsic value apart from what we’ve given it. Money is an idea, a social contract, and one that depends on frequently-tested collective emotional states like trust, faith, and confidence.” Read More


I didn’t see any Bitcoin LOL..




For more information on the above paintings you will just have to visit the museum.



George Bellows was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Bellows attended The Ohio State University from 1901 until 1904. Read More



John Sloan was born in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, on August 2, 1871,


DSC_0022Georges Schreiber was a well-known American Scene painter at the height of his career in the 1930s and 1940s. Born in Brussels, Belgium in 1904, Schreiber's earliest art instruction was the German Real Gymnasium in Brussels (1913-1918).”




Joseph Hirsch (born 1910 - died 1981) was an American painter, who was born in Philadelphia.


Joe Todd (Still Alive) Famous Blogger.. See previous posts::

 Columbus Museum Of Art for “Museum Monday”

Czech Puppets at the Columbus Museum Of Art








You will just have to visit the Columbus Museum of Art Yourself. “The Columbus Museum of Art’s mission is to create great experiences with great art for everyone. Whether we are presenting an exhibition, designing an art-making activity, serving a lunch, or giving directions to a visitor, we are guided by a belief in advocacy, quality, community, integrity, and creativity. We believe that art speaks to each and every one of us in different ways. Art inspires. Art challenges. Art thinks.”



DSC_0047 Hope you enjoyed the Walkabout andDSC_0048 we hope you have a great day. Thanks for visiting My Quality Time….