Thursday, January 05, 2017

Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve & the Jacobs Ladder Trail

MQTlogoa Another virtual hike at “My Quality Time.”

Middle top of Google earth view: The most spectacular feature at Christmas Rocks is the scenic vista from the top of the formation known as Jacob’s Ladder.
Orange: Jacobs Ladder Trail. The “r” in the word Ladder is about the top of the formation.
Start of the trail. The southerly loop has one climb called climbing Jacobs Ladder. It is not for the faint of heart but is worth the climb. The top holds a wonderful view of the entire valley. The entrance to Christmas Rocks is along a gravel access road.
At this point the trail veers right into the woods.
DSC_0066 looking back at the barn..
DSC_0067 Kiwanis building on the hill. Don’t know if it is still used or what.
DSC_0068 DSC_0073
Above photo: Arney Run is in the Streams category for Fairfield County in the state of Ohio. Arney Run is displayed on the Clearport USGS quad topo map. The approximate elevation is 820 feet (250 meters) above sea level.
Getting ready to start the Jacobs ladder loop trail.
The Jacobs Ladder rock formation sits about 200 feet above Arney Run. I would guess the rock formation itself is 60 to 70 feet tall.
DSC_0091 DSC_0093
Steepest part of trail. Stopped and took a break on the way up.
The top of that rock formation is where we are headed. this is a typical Hocking Hills Blackhand sandstone outcropping.
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DSC_0102 Just about there…
DSC_0114 The top… Yea……
Then the clouds came in to make for a little drama.
Read about Christmas Rocks at Moderately Active Ohio….. Time to head back down..
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Some top hikes in Ohio:
1. The 2-mile loop at Mill Creek Park in Youngstown
2. Lamping Homestead Trail in Graysville
3. Ash Cave at Hocking Hills State Park
4. Gorge Trail Metropark in Cuyahoga Falls
5. Lake Trail at Clear Creek Metropark in Franklin County
6. Monroe Overlook Trail at Wayne National Forest
7. Quail Hollow State Park Trail in Hartville
8. Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve in Lancaster
Coming down was a lot easier than going up.
Heading back to the truck and heading home. Was a great hike. The temp was mid 40’s and I didn’t meet another sole on the trail.
DSC_0163 The sun comes out when the hike is over… Go figure………..
jtf1 Not to bad for an “old man”
Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve & the Jacobs Ladder Trail
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Monday, January 02, 2017

Arney Run Park & The Mink Hollow Covered Bridge. #Ohio

MQTlogoa Some Quality Time Links:

Arney Run Park .. Topo map of Arney Run .. Mink Hollow Covered Bridge ..  Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve ……………………………………….

Near Lancaster, Ohio in Fairfield County…..

DSC_0028 “Located in Hocking Township, Arney Run Park is a quaint yet scenic retreat that features the Mink Hollow Covered Bridge. This historic bridge rests on its original sandstone abutments over Arney Run, a tributary of Clear Creek. The Mink Hollow Covered Bridge has the distinction of having the longest name of any covered bridge in the United States: The Mink Hollow Covered Bridge in Oil Mill Hollow Over Arney Run Near Borcher’s Mill. Picnicking is available on the east side of the covered bridge.”



DSC_0033 Paved parking lot.. For the Park, Bridge, & Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve. (sure is a good looking truck)


Looks like a bucolic place for a picnic when the weather warms up.





“The old and weary covered bridge
That spans the swollen stream
Is what I picture in my mind
At the start of my favorite dream.”


“You can tell the bridge was stately
When it was young and new
But the years have been unkind to it
As its' age just grew and grew
The stories that this bridge could tell
Are numerous and happy and sad
Each could fill a book or two
With the experiences it has had.”

DSC_0036 “The stream at times has a gentle flow
At times it's swift and fast
Always being an integral part
Of the covered bridge and its' past
The area's nestled in a grove of trees
A place for picnics and fun
A place for Mom and Dad to rest
And a place for children to run”

DSC_0035 “The bridges' ultimate time of the year
Is the fall, when summer's done
When God gets out his paint brush
And pastels in the warmth of the sun
Each time I close my eyes to sleep
I hope for my favorite dream
The dream where I see the covered bridge
That spans that swollen stream.”

The Old Covered Bridge by Mr. Doug


Next up:: A hike at Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve. The Jacob’s Ladder Loop Trail.

DSC_0042 It’s always fun to find a “new” place close to where you live. This SNP used to be by permit only but not any longer. This is a great place to hike.

jtf1 Joe Todd says, ‘’ have a great day.”