Saturday, February 07, 2009


Well, it is February and Todd starts thinking of his garden (although he is pretty stingy with his produce), I start getting wanderlust. My favorite place, or paradise, I should say is the Dominican Republic. My husband and I go to Punta Cana where you will find the most pristine beach in the world. We stay at different resorts which are all-inclusive, and we relax on the beach, eat, read, listen to live Caribbean music, enjoy the hospitality of the Dominicans, and rejuvenate after a long, long winter. My three favorite sites are Tripadvisor, Debbie's Dominican, and Doylestown Travel where I, usually, get my best deals. I am thinking of going this year about mid June as a retirement/25th anniversary trip.


Snowbrush said...

Sara? Todd's wife?

I envy you your trips. Do you both go? Peggy and I might travel again someday...when the dogs are dead and the stock market rebounds...

Joe Todd said...

Snowbrush, No, Sara is my sister.She is a little younger than I am but probably a lot wiser. My wife Linda wrote the article about the baby in the hospital which was posted a few weeks back. Thanks for stopping by. Keep eating those peppers
Joe Todd