Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some See a Rat in the Year of the Ox For Investors Seeking Advice


Apparently Obama feels we CAN handle the truth - this has not been tried by a US president since Carter told us we should learn to conserve energy and wear sweaters indoors - that did not go well for him

Obama Warns of 'Lost Decade'

"The incoming U.S. president and [Treasury] secretary were both born in the Year of the Ox," said one client. "Is that a problem?"
Mr. Yeo's answer: Yes. The pair of oxen in charge of the U.S. economy could be an accident waiting to happen. Hold out until after January 2010 before investing in the U.S., he advised.
Forget your broker. Here in Hong Kong, when a feng shui master talks, people listen.
He's negative on the U.S. for now. President Barack Obama, he said, may want to consider wearing the emblem of a rat to balance the traditional misfortune of being an ox in the Year of the Ox. "Maybe someone should present him with a Mickey Mouse hat,"

Mr. Yeo said. He told his audience to watch out for a "financial terrorist attack"

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Snowbrush said...

Of course, a rat could replace the obligatory flag decal. That would keep 'em guessing.