Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Cottage Vacation in Canada..Sun..Moon.. Clouds & Water…(RELAXATION)

JOELINDA1 Linda and I are recently back from a relaxing vacation at Harris Lake.(near  Pointe au Baril, ON.) 

Map picture


Harris Lake is located just 3 hours from Toronto off highway 69 north. The cottage is about a ten minute boat ride from the marina. A big thanks to the Hnatewice family (marina owners) for all their help.. Their son Orest operated the taxi boat and helped us get all our gear to the cabin. Now, a few photos for SkyWatch Friday::



100_9151 A little chilly this morning…





I’m not sure the beaver was much interested in the moon….


100_9120 Looks like a good morning for a little fishing if we could get rid of those clouds.



Looking better so time to do a little fishing on the Magnetawan River


Linda and I had rented the “Red Dragon” boat on the left. The fishing boat has a 9.9 outboard motor and the boat turned out to be very stable. The outboard started on the first “pull” each time.

100_8999 100_9006


See the crane.. sure blends into the background.







The first catches of the trip…. As we often do; the cottage/trip was shared with my sister Sara and her husband Larry. We call Larry the “Fish Whisperer.”

100_9118 100_9116


Every morning about 7:00 Am the local squirrel dropped pine cones onto the metal roof of the cottage.. We were Bombarded.. didn’t need an alarm clock. LOL



The cottage is owned by Richard and Kathy and is used year round.. A quick look around a working Cottage/Camp…

100_9055 For use this winter in the wood stove..


100_9059 There is going to be some ice fishing.



All trash/garbage was taken to the marina to be disposed off when we left, though we were able to use some “waste paper products” to start the campfire.

100_9048 The Wolverine Lodge on the Magnetawan River. (now a private “cottage”) “For a  a canoe trip in Ontario cottage country the Magnetawan is a basic four- to five-day river loop trip suitable for novice canoe trippers and covers 80 kilometers of mostly flat water.”


“One can  camp free on Crown land and within Magnetawan River Provincial Park, which combine to encompass most of the route. Some campsites are indicated with orange markers while others show distinct signs of use.” See below…


100_9018 I didn’t have much luck fishing on this trip. Do you think I might have been paying more attention to taking photos? LOL. I think I did get some great photos for Sky Watch Friday which is a great site to visit/view beautiful skies from all over the world.


800px-Common_Loon Thanks for stopping by and have a great day….

NOTE: One week no cell phone,computer,Wi-Fi, TV, Tablet.. On a good day maybe a couple stations on the radio.


Linda G. said...

What an amazing vacation you and Linda had! I have written about going on a day trip to a local state park and communing with nature. You and Linda communed with nature in a big way. Fantastic pictures all around!

eileeninmd said...

Looks like a great time.. The sky shots are lovely, the colors are beautiful. Happy skywatching!

sunshine said...

Looks like a fantastic area; beauitful photos.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Beautiful vacation photos, and I never realized that with a double rainbow, the second one has the colors reversed. Interesting!!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots of the lake. Looks beautiful and scenic.

Arija said...

What a fab time you two had. I love the Canadian lakes, just wish I could get there one more time . . .

Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly and the photos are gorgeous!

mun said...

Thank you for the beautiful nature and sky photos. The place looks so serene but I guess it was not so serene when the squirrel decides to be your alarm clock. :)

Did you miss blogging while you were enjoying your fishing trip? I guess not. :)

A Colorful World said...

Oh, what a PERFECT vacation! Your pictures are fabulous! Beautiful lake, beautiful moon, beautiful sunsets and sunrises! Wow! Can't beat the peace and quiet of a trip like this!

Joe Todd said...

Mun it did seem strange to have no connection to the outside world.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful spot for a vacation -- seems to have everything (and even the squirrel alarm clock seems fine -- that's my normal wake up time anyway!)