Monday, August 03, 2009


Map picture

First stop Breechwood Lodge located on lake Anima-Nippising on an island about 10 km from the landing. A big thanks to Gayle and Jim Deck the owners of the lodge. (SOME QUALITY TIME AT BREECHWOOD)


CAST OF CHARACTERS from left to right: Ron,Sara,Larry,Linda,and myself Joe Todd


Pictured above is the Breezewood Cabin. Just about all the amenities of home.

Now how about some fishing with the help of our guide Ted R.





Some pickerel for dinner.. Don’t you just hate it when your sister catches a bigger fish than you do. We did have a pickerel dinner. All the rest of the fish were “catch and release.”  Fish we caught: pickerel,small mouth bass, pike,and pan fish. The fishing was great . I know you want to know where we caught the fish and I’m going to tell you. We caught them “in the lake” 


I’m afraid I gained weight on this vacation….

Other reasons for a “wilderness” vacation: Peace,Serenity, Beautiful Scenery, and “QUALITY TIME”





That’s all for this post: No fish hook in the finger yet, but stay tuned. Thanks Joe Todd and Linda.



June said...

Great pictures of what sounds like a wonderfully relaxing trip. That pic of the boat at the dock in the early morning....picture me at the end of the dock with my feet hanging off listening to the quiet. :-)

Martha Z said...

What a beautiful spot, my kind of vacation though I would probably choose a canoe over fishing. Love TR, a real "Teddy".

Girl Tornado said...

Joe, what an AWESOME vacation spot. Just stunningly beautiful. I love that photo of the lake with the mist on it. I love travelling and this looks like another winning spot to visit. My life needs to be at least 3x as long so I can get to every place I want to see!!!

Thx for stopping by my blog -- yes I have been very absent from the internet world due to my job. :-(

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Wow, Joe! That looks like a great time. And the fish. Oh my, now I'm hungry....and fried foods are a no no for me. But oh how I love fried fish(fresh caught, of course).

Rick (Ratty) said...

It looks like a nice relaxing place. Now I'm hungry for fish. I haven't had fish in a long time.

Joe Todd said...

I'm ready to go back nothing but problems to deal with at home.

TONY LETTS said...

Seems like the perfect holiday!

storyteller said...

Lovely photos of a wonderful trip! My sister and her husband just mailed me a stack of DVDs containing photos from their two and a half months in Alaska and month in Canada. They've been RVing most of the last 5 years and still enjoy life on the road ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

betty-NZ said...

That looks like a wonderful getaway! Thanks for letting us tag along!