Wednesday, August 19, 2009



You can add finished compost to your garden about 2-4 weeks before you plant.

Almost anything  that was living at one time is great for compost bins (think plant life not animal) No fats,pet droppings etc.

Think sun for that compost bin 120 and 160 degrees is best

Grass clippings for nitrogen and straw for carbon.

Coffee grounds and worms go together plus all those vegetable table scraps

Paper sure but shred it first.

Think in 3’s  3ftx3ftx3ft size wise and turn every couple weeks to aerate your pile.

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June said...

Oh yeah! Compost is the best!!! SO satisfying to put in all the fluttery little onion papery peels and banana peels and coffee grounds (and on and on)....and get BLACK GOLD for the garden!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joe: That is a great thing to do and the results are marvelous.

Unknown said...

Wonderful! What I like the most about your post is that it offers us a completely doable list of instructions. You've taken the mystery out of composting. So many times I hear that composting is too complicated, too messy and too smelly ... but your easy-to-follow instructions make it a snap.

Thanks so much!

Small Footprints

David Edward said...

i have size 13 footprints and it IS genetic, I can not be to blame for stepping on things ( sic)

thanks for the comment on the Kayak, i will be sharing pictures of the progress as it comes along

SandyCarlson said...

You make it doable even for a small-timer like me. Great post. Thanks for educating me.

TONY LETTS said...

Very good advice which we all need to follow- well done

Claudya Martinez said...

Great post! We compost. So much better and beneficial than tossing stuff in the garbage.

harri pao said...

This is one of composting instructions that it's quite informative. Small Footprints's weekly challenge was encouraged me to compost my household waste and I want to know how composting is in household scale. I have already written an post it: Thanks Joe for your sharing!