Thursday, September 25, 2014

TRUISMS..Thoughts on Love,Violence,and Power

MQTlogoa  I almost didn’t do this post but I am really glad I did. In doing  research for the post I had a chance to learn a little more about Jenny Holzer and her art… Interesting and thought provoking are the words I would use in regards to Jenny Holzer .. Thank You Jenny….

MAPQUALITY TIME visit to the Kennedy Museum of Art at the Ohio University.


Let’s go inside::::


and head up stairs to check out “Truisms”

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“Jenny Holzer was born July 29, 1950, in Gallipolis, Ohio.  She completed her undergraduate degree at Ohio University in Athens after attending Duke University and the University of Chicago.” READ MORE 


Inflammatory Essays // Jenny Holzer.. CHECK THIS OUT… REALLY SOMETHING CLICK ( I wish I had photos of these essays)


DSC_0002 Another interesting exhibit is; Kim Abeles “frugalworld”  Say Hi to Paper Person….



“The Ridges, formerly called the Athens Lunatic Asylum, was a mental hospital operated in Athens, Ohio from 1874 until 1993. During its operation, the hospital provided services to a variety of patients including Civil War veterans, children, and violent criminals suffering from various mental disabilities. Today, the Ridges are a part of Ohio University and house the Kennedy Museum of Art, an auditorium and many offices, classrooms, and storage facilities.” You might enjoy:: Haunting Skies at the “Ridges” in Athens,Ohio ( Note.. The old haunted TB hospital has been demolished)


Don’t miss this post:: SKIES OVER THE ASYLUM.. “Asylum”: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals Photography exhibition by Chris Payne ( These are my photos of his photos) August 27, 2010 – December 30, 2010  and yes this is Haunting.. A previous visit to the “Ridges”



jam7 Thanks for stopping by, Linda and I hope you have a great day.. Wonder where this guy came from? Check out::  GETTING aHEAD AT THE COLUMBUS MUSEUM OF ART

MQTlogoa You also might enjoy::

1. Columbus Museum Of Art for “Museum Monday”

2. Motts Military Museum & America’s Military Heritage

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mun said...

Thank you for sharing the text of Jenny Holzer. Thought provoking indeed.

Small Kucing said...

Jenny Holzer rocks. :D

Snowbrush said...

Well, there's certainly a lot to think about here!