Monday, July 31, 2017

Campobello Island…. Head Harbour Lighthouse… or.. East Quoddy Lighthouse.. Canada

MQTlogoa1500x500 A Quality Time Canadian hike…… CANADA CANADA CANADA CANADA CANADA #CANADA #CANADA

Head Harbour Lighthouse..Campobello Island  (part of New Brunswick, is only 12 km away from Maine's coast).


After a good nights sleep we are going on a short hike (at low tide) to Head Harbour Lighthouse..


“Campobello Island is an island located at the entrance to Passamaquoddy Bay, adjacent to the entrance to Cobscook Bay, and within the Bay of Fundy. The island is one of the Fundy Islands and is part of Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada.”

DSC_0514 First, stop for a little breakfast and supplies.


DSC_0460-001 Make sure to wear good hiking shoes and watch your step… SLIPPERY


Hold on tight to the railing.


“The Head Harbour lightstation is about two and a half miles from the nearest community, Wilson's Beach. The rocky outcropping on which the station is set becomes an island at high tide and is connected with the main body of the island by more of these rocky quasi- islands. A road from Wilson's Beach runs to a spot within walking distance of the lightstation. Beyond that point, the station is accessible by foot at low tide.” READ MORE



“Iconic lighthouse that is only accessible by foot at low tide. Even at high tide the visit here is worth it to see sweeping views of Passamaquoddy Bay with it whales, seals, eagles, and boats. A great place to have a picnic lunch…Bring your Binoculars



DSC_0484 Time to head back.. “Walk on ocean floor to gorgeous lighthouse What a blast! Hiked over black seaweed, ocean rocks, sand and a few foreboding staircase-ladders all the way to the lighthouse. Cost $5 US, and worth every penny to keep the site beautiful.” Ok to donate a little more to help with upkeep… Just Saying…..



JOELINDA1 Joe Todd & Linda hope you have a great day and do a little Wandering……..

Proceed at your own risk. Beach exposed only at low tide. Incoming tide rises five feet per hour, and may leave you stranded for eight hours. Wading or swimming is extremely dangerous due to cold water and swift currents..Danger Danger Danger……..Just use common sense.


Linda G. said...

This was a good travel post. Perhaps one day we will visit Canada beyond Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls area.

Fun60 said...

Those ladders looked more treacherous than the rocks!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful lighthouse and ocean, but oh my gosh, that sign next to that scary looking ladder! Yikes!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I love the lighthouse and coastal scenery. The lighthouse is pretty. Those stair look scary to me. I have been to the Bay of Fundy, it is a neat area. Very interesting place to see when the tides go out. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!