Monday, September 18, 2017

Nuclear Armageddon & World War Three………

MQTlogoa A Quality time visit to: Minuteman Missile National Historic Site..

News Update:

“The man who saved the world dies aged 77: Soviet military officer who averted World War Three when radar fault showed US had launched nuclear missiles at Russia passes away

  • Stanislav Petrov was monitoring early-warning radar in Moscow in 1983
  • At height of Cold War, system showed America had launched five nukes
  • Petrov reported the alert as a false reading, but said his decision was '50/50'
  • It emerged the reading was a dud, generated by sunlight reflecting off clouds
  • Petrov passed away aged 77 in a small home located just outside of Moscow”  Read More 9/18/2017DSC_0087
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“Minuteman Missile National Historic Site was established in 1999 to illustrate the history and significance of the Cold War, the arms race, and intercontinental ballistic missile development. Address: 24545 CottonWood Road, Philip, SD 57567”




Because of time constraints we were only able to check out the visitor center & museum.


Tours of the Delta-01 Launch Control Facility are offered daily and you can visit an actual Delta-09 missile silo……Read More & More Photos

DSC_0085 I remember those days and it wasn’t fun & games…Real Scary



For a real in depth article check this out:: Oscar-Zero: Notes from a Nuclear Tourist …..  Did you practice “duck and cover” drills at your school?????






What do you think about this statement????


I will end this post with the Prayer of Saint Francis


MQTlogoa Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a Quality Time and Peaceful day.


Rajesh said...

Great information about the historical site.

Angie said...

Joe - thanks for ending with the Prayer of St. Francis. I was getting deep in thought and it brought me back to my peaceful Monday. Good to remember.

Jim said...

Interesting and a bit scary.

Holly Myers said...

Thanks for this post! We were just across Rt. 90 but had so much on our list that we skipped this stop. I was glad to see it here!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I've always liked that prayer/poem. It is kind of like a yoga meditation as well as a Christian prayer (somehow I don't think St Francis would mind me saying that). The tour looks like a good one, but scary to contemplate. What have we done?

Jenn Jilks said...

That was such a time. We have a Diefenbunker, near Ottawa, which is a similar museum. It was meant for Canadian government officials in the event of...

We also had a trip to see the communications bunkers!