Saturday, March 28, 2009


:::::FIRE SAFETY:::::


This is where my wife Linda and I stayed while in Gettysburg Pa. This hotel is located right on the square and is convenient to “everything”. Great rooms, service,and food..

This is what happened about one block away:::: 

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     What I find strange; there was no mention of this incident in the local paper the next day. I haven’t been able to get any information by doing computer searches. In essence I don’t know for sure what was going on. I didn’t see any fire or smoke though I did smell  smoke .

     When Linda and I got back to our hotel we did check the safety features there , and everything seemed to be ok. Each year there are over some 30 million fires that strike Americans at home, in hotels, or at the workplace.

     This is what we did: 1. We planned our escape route. Our room was on the third floor and jumping didn’t seem a good idea. 2. We familiarize ourselves with the locations of the fire exits nearest our room. 3.We found nearby fire alarms and fire extinguishers. I do know when traveling and staying in Hotels/Motels etc. I will be more cognizant of the “safety features.”

If I every get back to Gettysburg I will certainly stay at  the Gettysburg Hotel again.. 

By the way we stayed in the Boyd’s Bear room..



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Smart Mouth Broad said...

Staying in the Bear room must have made your wife really happy. Sounds like a great time. I've never been to PA. Another thing to add to my bucket list.