Wednesday, May 20, 2009



     We had frost Monday and Tuesday night and had to cover most plants in the garden ( what a pain ) Fortunately we didn’t loose any plants. The temperature in Lancaster, Ohio today is suppose to get up to 80 degrees. All I can say is “that is Ohio weather for you.” Project for next few days; clean garage, tear down and get rid of old metal storage shed, and put together new 8x10 shed. OOPS just got a phone call, Dick J. wants to go golfing . Probably Valley View Golf Club.  Valley View Golf Club is located in Fairfield County, Lancaster, OH, an area that is rich in history. The golf course was designed in 1956, using the natural terrain. It was built over the first road constructed in Ohio, and a monument still stands to mark the place today. zane trace


I do know if I don’t get off the computer nothing is going to get done. Hope everyone has a great day.

As a side note the Wednesday meeting of the Common sense club has been canceled. Bros. An Gree will be in court today and most members of the club will be there to offer there support.


Smart Mouth Broad said...

Fresh strawberries! That's even better than spinach!

Angie said...

It's so great to eat your own foods! Nothing better than strawberry shortcake! I've had two salads in as many days, just because I have lettuce in my garden and can go out and cut it!

Lona said...

Don't eat that strawberry all in one setting Joe.Love strawberries and old fashioned strawberry shortcake.Please tell me the cold and frost is all gone for the rest of the season. Today was nice and got so much done but still so much yet to do. Did get my tomatoes out though.

Snowbrush said...

Similar weather here. The high one day was 80, the high the next was 58.