Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Fairfield County Fair one of the last county fairs of the year.


     What I am thinking is FOOD :: Oyster sandwich, cotton candy,elephant ears and maybe a steak on a stick. 

     A little cloudy today but I’m off to the fair will be back with more pictures and a story or two to tell.


Love those fall colors.

Thanks. JOE TODD


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe Hope you enjoyed your fair experience - elephant ears are yummy but I can do without the oyster sandwich! I love fairs and festivals and remember how amazed I was when we first moved to Ohio about 20 years ago from the east coast - we didn't have all the festivals and fun things where we had been living. Love this time of year too! Cheers! Linda

Jenn Jilks said...

You really get around! Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !
Love the header.

Lona said...

One of the last fairs of the year. I went once and about froze, that was a bad year.

About the climbing roses: I only have three and I like them all but it is according to your taste in color.
Red Blaze, NEw Dawn is a light pink one, and Ebb Tide is a dark purple or red.
There is also a Dawn White climbing rose.

Have fun at the fair and eat an elephant ear for me Joe and Linda.

PERBS said...

What no corn on the cob? No DAIRY women's milkshakes??????? You got to be kidding!

Huzhar said...

I love cinnamon roll..
Great capture my friend.. especially the tree, very nice color..
Have a nice day..

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