Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Amazing Grace Christmas Light House

Just trying to get into the Christmas Spirit here in Lancaster,Ohio. Today Main Street Lancaster will be having their Winter Carnival. I’ll probably head Down Town with camera in hand LOL

I really like The Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Here is just one of their presentations.

Spend some time with The Trans-Siberian Orchestra at YouTube. CLICK to go to one more really neat video at YouTube



Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi There, I'll bet the Amazing Grace Christmas Light House is just that---AMAZING. There was a big house when we lived in New Orleans that decorated like this one every Christmas. I remember bundling the kids up and driving to see it every year at Christmastime.

Have a great weekend.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Love to see and hear anything that gets me in the Christmas spirit and I'll follow your links.

Kay Dennison said...

Beautiful!!!! I love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like that Amazing Christmas Light House!

Julie said...

Joe Todd! How great to see your name in my comments...I have not kept up with all the bloggers I used to visit more frequently. My mom has been through her final battles with cancer in the past months of Fall, and passed on Thanksgiving Day, for which we are truly hurting, but ecstatic that we know she is healed and in Heaven. I will be coming back to catch your well as others I have been too covered up to visit. I enjoy your subjects and photos. I DO LOVE the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Awesome music...touches more than just my ears...lifts up my spirit! Thanks for a beautiful post showing the many sides of this season. And thanks for visiting...Have an Outstanding month of Christmas. I shall be back...God Bless. ****Hope your son is resting here in the states for the time being...It is simply indescribable to have my Marine's boots back walking on US homeland soil...Thanking God every day.