Friday, May 13, 2011

Today is Friday the 13th


5-13-2011 a Friday


Freethought Society is holding its Friday the 13th antisuperstition party. Skeptics, heathens, and infidels can have a field day Friday night, smashing mirrors, walking under ladders, and sipping cocktails with famously outspoken atheists. CLICK on photo to read more.

131 Visit the free thought society CLICK I didn’t know they existed til today.

I’m not sure what’s going on  but I went to make a comment on another blog and this is what I got: “Blogger is unavailable right now”..  Then I went to my own blog and yesterdays post about nutrition  is gone. That has never happened. Should I be worried? I tried using the specific URL for the post and got this::Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog MY QUALITY TIME does not exist. Maybe I should go back to bed. LOL.


The stall numbers at the Santa Anita Park. Note that the numbers progress from 12 to 12A to 14

Triskaidekaphobia READ MORE

JOE TODD Maybe I’ll try to stay in the shadows today

cat Always, Thanks Wikimedia


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I tried to publish the post but couldn’t. I’ll try later


Anonymous said...

It looks like Blogger is back up. Happy Friday the 13th to you.

TONY LETTS said...

They had to remove our posts and dust them before putting them back safely - no worries :)

Sharkbytes said...

I must have 13 reasons why I think being scared of 13 is silly.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That was pretty funny that all that bloggerproblem happened on friday the 13th -- at least that's when I noticed it. Now I don't know what I already commented on and what I missed. You do find the most interesting links. I'm not superstitious, but I don't know that I'd really enjoy a party where people broke mirrors etc..although I don't necessarily think it would cause bad luck, except for whoever had to clean up the mess ;>)