Thursday, May 12, 2011

“10 New Ways to Eat Well”

Good news if you love potatoes like I do. A My Quality Time post from Lancaster,Ohio


“The boring, old rules of healthy eating are landing on the scrap heap as new research uncovers the intricate ways nutrients work within our bodies. The result? Some surprising shifts in what should really be on our plates – and more food flexibility and fun as well. Here are 10 things you might not have known about eating well:” Click on above photo to read more.

In my life today the two main worries are Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. I am not diabetic at this time but does run in the family. If I eat right and loose about 30 pounds/exercise I think the high blood pressure will be taken care of. The article “10 New Ways to Eat Well” addresses these concerns. The photo below is what I try to eat/drink/take on a daily basis.


I skip alcohol in any form (I never was a moderate drinker) but I do love my dark chocolate in moderation. (helps with blood pressure regulation). B12 daily with Folic acid a couple times a week. (B12 is very poorly absorbed in the GI tract and Folic acid must be present for the B12 to be useful to the body). An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Q10 and Vitamin D (blood pressure). Banana  high in potassium. Yogurt & a Probiotic. ( in my opinion a good probiotic supplement needs refrigeration). I recently switched from diet soft drinks to diet green tea ( I have always read healthy reports about green tea but not necessarily so concerning soft drinks).


 Last, but not least Fish Oil (omega3). If you want to learn more about Omega3 read “The Zone”. “The full title of this book is 'Enter The Zone' - a dietary road map to: lose weight permanently, reset your genetic code, prevent disease, achieve maximum physical performance and enhance mental productivity. The author is Dr. Barry Sears Phd. Doctor Sears is a pioneer in biotechnology, developing drug delivery systems for cancer and heart patients and holds 12 patents for cancer treatments and dietary control of hormonal responses.” Click on the Fish Oil photo to read more. ( The Zone helped my golf game and stock trading)

JOETODDSAYS210 Thanks for stopping by. I hope the above info was helpful. IMPORTANT: Diabetes & High Blood Pressure are serious diseases. Always—Always consult a physician. Now, I have to put away my “photo Display” before Linda wakes up. I don’t think she knows about my stash of Hershey Dark Chocolate. LOL

P.S. If your interested in buying the book “Enter The Zone” go ahead and shop from the Amazon widget on this blog. I might make a dime… I’ll leave with a beach photo from Hilton Head Island.


I hope you had a cup of “Joe” while reading this. Sounds like it might be better for you than what was once thought.


Unknown said...

Joe, I am indeed having a cup of joe. Your stash looks strikingly like my own! I have lost 17 pounds on the South Beach diet last year and I'm considering dropping 5 more. Eating healthy has become a life style and I feel so much better! Great post!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this informative post on ways to eat healthy.

Kay Dennison said...

The pot is always on at my house. And I've been taking pretty much the same vitamins as you for years!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I am like you, I don't drink, I love chocolate and I take fish oil.

We are going to live to 100.

TONY LETTS said...

I eat so much stuff that's 'good for me' that I get younger every day now Joe