Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bike Trails are a Great Place to get some Exercise

A short drive from Lancaster,Ohio to Newark,Ohio and some Quality Time on the TJ Evans bike trail.

(After my stroke I’ve found walking to be a great way to recover.)

The TJ Evans Trail moves through woods, pastures and farmlands giving occasional glimpses of a creek that runs alongside and a river along the campus connector along Rt. 16.”


Trail End Points: West Newark to Johnstown
Counties: Licking..Gotta go thru the “tunnel”


Graffiti has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to Ancient Greece. I’m sure this graffiti isn’t ancient. LOL. Out the other side


Trail Length: 14.2 miles
Trail Category: Rail-Trail

Trail Surfaces: Asphalt


Trail Activities: Bike, Inline Skating, Fishing, Wheelchair Accessible, Walking, etc.


“This is a great ride on those scorching hot summer days. Most of the bikeway is lined with an abundance of foliage that gives the effect of riding through a long, green tunnel.” A great place to do some “reflecting.”


Back in 1994-95 when I lived in Newark,Ohio I would jog on this trail in the evenings after work. (no night access today) On summer evenings this field was filled with thousands of fireflies.A sight I will never forget. I’ve also “biked” this trail a couple times and found it an enjoyable experience.



Many sections also interact with Raccoon Creek, a small stream that runs east to feed the Licking River.


If you're unable to do the entire length, the most picturesque stretch appears just after passing the  metal grain elevators of the Granville Milling Co.



In one spot, you've got pastures on your left and right sides, with cows giving you their blank trademark stare.(No cows today)



From the “Mill” in Granville it is just a short walk downtown where you will find some great places to eat. Linda and I met each other in Newark and we would often drive or walk to Granville and eat at:


And now a mystery photo. Do you have any idea what this is a photo of or what it is for? I didn’t till I asked another trail walker.


DSC_0058 That’s all folks. Thanks for stopping by. Oh you want to know what the mystery photo is. Ok “Housing for feral cats”  Feral cat colonies and homeless cats in the Licking County area of Central Ohio are cared for by Trapping, Neutering, and Returning (TNR) the ferals to their colonies or adopting them to caring homes when possible. That is what I was told.

A short drive from Lancaster,Ohio to Newark,Ohio and some Quality Time on the TJ Evans bike trail.

A My Quality Time post………………On this excursion I walked from Newark to Granville and back. I guess I’m getting better LOL….


June said...

I guessed housing for some feral animal . . . wouldn't have thought cats, though.
Looks like a nice place to spend some time being quietly active, Joe. Good you have it relatively nearby to play on.

Snap said...

What a wonderful place for bike trails. Such nice scenery .. and feral cats! :D

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

I agree. good thing you have a very nice bike trail to do some bike ride exercise. have fun

New York City

Anonymous said...

Curiousity begs me to ask... what sort of food do they serve at that restaurant.. Arabian, say shish kababs or perhaps hummus or the things with grape leaves...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That trail looks like it would be a fabulous place to heal. (Physically and spiritually!).....

I am glad you explained that mystery.

Lona said...

Okay I give up Joe, what is it for? LOL!
Looks like a wonderful trail to walk on. I cannot stand the blacktop though because it kills my bummed up back. I guess that is why I stick to walking in the woods.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

If I come to Ohio, I will walk with you. My dad had a series of mini strokes, he said he never felt them, yet that was what the doctors told him. He did feel a bit like he was drunk.