Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Back Yard Garden In Lancaster,Ohio 2012

This is what I call “QUALITY TIME FARMS” LOL

Actually, I started  planting the garden yesterday 5/7/2012.. but before starting I thought I’d take a few photos and work on a blog post. (Anything to get out of doing some actual work LOL)

First a preview of all the veggie plants.. Most were started inside about the 1st of Feb.


I will be planting 5 different varieties of tomatoes,2 varieties of green peppers,2 varieties of cucumbers,zucchini and, butternut squash. Onions,green beans and, beets are planted early directly in the garden.


All the seeds this year are from Burpee.






The green pepper seeds were the slowest to germinate and the slowest  growing of all the  plants. Next year I will start them even earlier.

DSC_0015 DSC_0017 

Now let’s take a look at the garden. Linda and I just have a small in town lot but just about all of it is used for “growing”


The soil has been prepared (rototilled,fertilized,and I use Garden Preen to help with weed control.) I need to reinstall the fence on the left.


The fence will keep small critters out, rabbit,groundhog,raccoon but not deer.Also, I have a live catch which I sometimes use. See previous posts.

DSC_0019I used this small outdoor greenhouse to help start the plants. From Amazon

Click on photo to buy.


This area outside the fence is the strawberry patch.This spring I replanted this area after totally weeding and re-tilling. As you can see weeds are once again trying to take over. The Preen did not work at all in this area and I don’t know why. I did get half of this area weeded yesterday and planted the extra butternut squash in this area. Last year “critters” didn’t bother the squash planted outside the fence.


Along the one side of the strawberry patch I have the red raspberries and are they good.


One of two peach trees and it looks like a good batch of peaches this year.


One of two pear trees and there will be some pears.

DSC_0032 One of two apple trees.They really haven’t done much. May get rid of them.


I use the deck as a growing/staging area for the garden. Most of the garden supplies are kept in the shed.


Strawberry plants in planters. And last but not least.. A few onions.


JOETODDSAYS210 Thanks for visiting the “Farm.” It does take a good bit of time to grow then process all the fruits & vegetables but Linda and I really enjoy doing it and the food is great.

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TONY LETTS said...

maybe you could airmail me some of that stuff :)

Lona said...

Your garden plants look great Joe. Those little greenhouse are just the thing for starting plants. Mine are outside waiting. I was going set them out until they started hollering about a frost. I hope that changes so I can get my tomatoes planted in containers. My peppers are just starting. I may give up on them and just buy some. LOL! It looks like you are going to have a lot of fruit on the farm. LOL!

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

You're making my mouth water Joe! Your garden sounds (and looks) wonderful; I look forward to updates. You two are way more ambitious than we are (oh yeah, but you're way younger too ;>) Our next-door neighbor where we stay in Oregon and our daughter and sil there have nice gardens, so if we're lucky we'll get to share some of the results (sometimes I even pull a weed at our daughter's)!

A Colorful World said...

WOW! I am so impressed! You and Linda do quite a wonderful job with your garden! I hope mine is even half as good as yours once it gets going! I didn't start many things early this time because we have a much longer growing season than most, but I already feel like I am WAY behind! I stare at the ground and WILL plants to poke up through the dirt! :-) Loved seeing all your wonderful plants and your garden space. Can't wait to see more as the season progresses!