Wednesday, May 09, 2012

How much Do You Know About Golf



How much Do You Know About Golf?

This is multiple choice. If you select a wrong answer, the ball moves only so far down the fairway and stops and you are charged with one stroke.

Keep selecting the answers that you think are correct and the ball moves down the fairway until you get the right answer and the ball goes in the hole.

If you have the correct answer right away, the ball goes directly in the hole - a hole in one.

To play, click here!!!!!

JOETODDSAYS210 Now wasn’t that fun.

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Snowbrush said...

How much do I know??? Well, I know that men (mostly) play golf on big lawns by using metal sticks to knock dimpled balls into small holes. Some of these men (mostly it's men) make lots of money this way. Are you one of those men, Joe? If you are, do you like me as much as I like you?

Kay Dennison said...

I finished two under par and, yeah, I used to play long ago.

I think it was Mark Twain who called golf "a good walk spoiled".

A Colorful World said...

This WAS fun, and I don't even really like golf, but I did 2 under par! :-) I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your photo from 1964! (So adorable!) and your Snoopy pic about being thankful! They are both great! Loved your comments on my blog too!

Bessie Wills said...

"How much Do You Know About Golf?"

-Hmmm me? I don't know much about Golf, i just want to learn more about it. :) I just want Tiger Woods to be my friend. LOL

Keira K. Kite

TONY LETTS said...

6 under - I must be a good guesser :)

TONY LETTS said...

6 under - I must be a good guesser :)