Sunday, June 03, 2012

Lancaster Old Car Club Spring Festival & Swap Meet.

Lancaster Old Car Club 2012 Spring Festival & Swap Meet. June 2nd and 3rd 2012 at the Lancaster,Ohio Fairgrounds….


Old Car Club Gas Station, Located at the Lancaster Fairgrounds..Gas pumps have been restored to almost original condition.


The Lancaster (Ohio) Old Car Club was founded in 1957


First On Race Day


Linda is at  home watching the news when she sees a report that a (good looking) elderly man is driving down the wrong side of the highway into oncoming traffic. She knows that her husband is coming home from golfing and decides to call him to warn him of this maniac. She gets him on the phone and says "Joe Todd, be careful there is some crazy driver going the wrong way on the highway" He says " No shit, there's thousands of them!!


Drips Oil Drops Grease Everywhere


Got Mechanic Coming



Poor old Nut Thinks Its A Cadillac



You can have your own personalized tee shirt made


“If it ran I would be willing to pay that much”

DSC_0124 “We've got everything here you need to fix it”


Cracked Heads Every Valve Rattles Oil Leaks Every Time



Fix It Again Tony



I had a car called a rolls canardly..rolls down one hill canardly get up the next.


Olio: "We've named our Ford car 'True Love' "
Margery: "What's the idea?"
Olio: "Never runs smooth." I think Olio better put a hat on because he has obviously been in the sun to long.


Why must Ford cars be painted red? Because there is a law saying that all tin cans containing gasoline must be painted red.



My car is so old it has two sets of plates




Gotta live somewhere


A classroom is like a Model T.
It's got an old crank in front and a bunch of loose nuts in the back. (apology to any teachers)

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JEEP1 Thanks for Stopping by and since it is Sunday I will leave you with this thought:


The Ford is my auto, I shall not want another.
It maketh me to lie beneath it.
It soureth my soul.
It leadeth me in the paths of ridicule for its name sake.
Yea, though I ride through the valleys, I am towed up the hills.
And I fear much evil for they rods and thy engines discomforteth me.
I annoint thy tire with patches. Thy radiator runneth over.
I prepare for blow-outs in the presence of mine enemies.
Surely if this thing follow me all the days of my life,
I shall dwell in the bug-house forever.

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Lancaster Old Car Club 2012 Spring Festival & Swap Meet. June 2nd and 3rd 2012 at the Lancaster,Ohio Fairgrounds….


Unknown said...

Fun post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Although you couldn't really call me a "car" person, I do love going to see the oldies at shows. We were just at one a couple of weeks ago (there a pictures a couple of posts back). Absolutely wonderful photos here. And, with respect to your jokes, as an ex-teacher, and as my Mom had a Ford that practically became a family member, I probably should object to at least two of them, but in truth, they were great!

Sylvia K said...

What a great old car show!! Jeez! some of them are almost as old as I am -- well, maybe! Terrific captures as always, Joe! Looks as though you had a fun day! Thanks for sharing it with us!! Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Excellent captures! I love old cars and trucks. I like today's hot rods too but, I love to see all the detail that cars of today don't have.

KB said...

Cool cars.

TONY LETTS said...

If truth be told I'm a bit of an old banger myself :)

Fun60 said...

Some incredible photos ofthe old American cars. Probabably not something I could get hooked on but being of that certain age myself they an certainly take you back in time.

A Colorful World said...

Great vintage cars, and that gas station is wonderful! We saw a restored station like that once in Texas. Looks like you had a great day!

Whitesnake said...

That was fantastic!