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Hopalong Cassidy Museum..Cambridge,Ohio (Gone..Burned To The Ground) but You Can See It Here

MQTlogoa Just off the Historic National Road in  Cambridge,Ohio you will find the Hopalong Cassidy Museum/Antique Mall..
An interesting building..Used to be a hospital..
Hopalong Cassidy..In 1935,William Boyd was offered the supporting role of Red Connors in the movie Hop-Along Cassidy, but asked to be considered for the title role and won it. The original Hopalong Cassidy character, written by Clarence E. Mulford for pulp fiction, was changed from a hard-drinking, rough-living wrangler to its eventual incarnation as a cowboy hero who did not smoke, drink or swear and who always let the bad guy start the fight. READ MORE
The Hopalong Cassidy Festival 2013 May 3rd & 4th Call: 740-432-3364..There will be a gigantic western collectible toy and gun sale plus a chance to talk with western authors & stars.
The museum is in three rooms located at the end of the hall. Remember this building used to be a hospital..All the rooms off the hall are loaded with antiques and memorabilia…
Boyd was born in Hendrysburg in Belmont County, located 26 miles east of Cambridge, Ohio. He was reared in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the son of day laborer Charles William Boyd and his wife, the former Lida Wilkens.
DSC_0316We finally made it to the end of the hall .a lot to see.
Laura Bates (curator/owner) was shocked when she couldn’t find a fan club dedicated to William Boyd. But instead of feeling sad she happily started one of her own for the Ohio born  actor/producer and his alter ego, the two fisted Western hero Hopalong Cassidy.
“No one had ever done anything to honor Bill/Hoppy. I couldn’t believe it. especially since Hoppy is one of the most popular cowboy heroes in TV or movie history.”
A pretty good creed for a cowboy that always wore a black hat. LOL
As a kid I remember watching the half-hour TV series.
At the height of his popularity in the 50’s Hoppy’s image was on more than 2,500 different items. Boyd was the first person to have his image on a lunch box.
Now check out the photo below (from the net). You sure wouldn’t ride this bike to school today.. My how times have changed.(not always for the better)
DSC_0292  A special thanks to Laura Bates for talking to Linda and I and taking the time to show us around. If you are every exploring the National Road in Ohio and are near Cambridge make sure to check out The Hopalong Cassidy Museum. One last look at some of my childhood heroes…
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MQTlogoa Just off the Historic National Road in  Cambridge,Ohio you will find the Hopalong Cassidy Museum/Antique Mall.. Check out my post on the Zane Grey/National Road Museum CLICK

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