Sunday, June 07, 2009


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     This Saturday adventure starts in Lancaster,Ohio (my hometown) and meanders to the Hocking Hills area of Ohio. Heading S.E. on Rt. 33 our first stop is in Logan,Ohio and:




For a charge of about $36.00 Linda and I coasted down the hocking river in a canoe. (Linda did the paddling and I steered)  It was about a two hour trip.



The Hocking Hills Canoe Livery rents canoes (duh), Kayaks, and rafts. Notice the rafts in this picture a little partying going on. I was once that young but it has been a couple years.  They also have Cabins and private primitive campsites.


In order to get to the start point of our canoe trip ( near Enterprise,Ohio) we took the old bus.


Make sure to say Hi to Sandy the dog that sits in the front seat. After all that work steering the canoe we were hungry.. So off to Laurelville,Ohio and:


This was my first time to the Ridge Inn and was I ever impressed. My wife Linda introduced me to Jo Eaves and her husband David the owners, as we sat outside on the deck. Daniel took our order and all I can say is, the food,service and ambiance was GREAT…


I had the Santa Fe wrap with salad and highlander grog coffee.. Some of the salad fixins come from the garden at the back of the inn.



When we have more time we will stop in and see Jo at her shop:


If your in need of some patio chairs


Right across the street from the restaurant is:

100_1937 In season this is a must stop.

One last item about The Ridge Inn Restaurant: They make there own donuts and are they good…

Laurelville,Ohio also seems to be a crossroads for motorcycle touring in the Hocking Hills


As we leave Laurelville we make a quick stop at the local park

100_1953 and take a short hike along the stream..Our next stop is just a couple miles out of town ( a place we camped when they first opened back in 1997.



100_1963 We talked to Mike at the “Bunk House” and/or office


They offer one two and four hour trail rides and seem to be reasonably priced and of course camping is available.


Linda says we will save the trail ride for another day. Sounds good to me…




Mike says for a trail ride one must be a least seven years old. In about six months William will turn seven then all my GRAND CHILDREN  will be old enough for a trail ride and a visit to this working ranch

100_1948 That is all for today. Smiley says have a great day.


Girl Tornado said...

Donuts?! Did you say fresh donuts?! Yummy!!! :)

I have very fond memories of canoeing at Mohican (Loudonville, OH) when we were kids. We would camp at the state park and had such fun campfires every night too.

What a great post and a fun day you guys had yesterday! See you tomorrow a.m. for a rousing game of SA!

TONY LETTS said...

I would so have enjoyed that trip!

Rick (Ratty) said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I love outings like that. The only thing I'd have trouble with is the canoeing. I'm terrified of being on the water because I can't swim well, but it would still be fun.

Crone and Bear It said...

Hi Joe - We will be at the cabin we rent in Hocking Hills right after 4th of July and I can't wait - even though it's just for a few days. Never been to Laurelville and it looks interesting. We stayed in Lancaster while we were doing a tour of covered bridges about a year ago and absolutely had a blast. I had no idea we had that many covered bridges in this state and some were a little hard to find. Great post - you sound like ya'll had such a good time. Isn't retirement neat? Hugs!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

What a great adventure. That part of Ohio is beautiful and has lots of options for activities. Thanks for sharing!

Lona said...

I see you were very near my stomping grounds. I have been wondering how the food was there.
Yes, I get the birthday gift cards from Rhoads too. I always go and redeem it and of course buy too much. Is that the idea of the gift card:-) It works on me.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

That was FUN! My favorite was the canoe ride. I want to go next time! Thanks for sharing. Great post!

Julia said...

The river looked wonderful!!! Just the kind of thing I like to do. :)

Wendy said...

Hey, thanks for joining the gang for STSS this week! I love what you've done, this little "tour". I was really envying you on the paddling part of your journey!

A. of A Changing Life said...

That's a really great way to spend the day. I felt I was right along there with you - and I haven't been canoeing in years.