Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lithopolis Honeyfest:: Ohio’s Honey Festival (Art Of Apiculture)

 Linda and I left Lancaster,Ohio and drove just a few miles to Lithopolis,Ohio to celebrate National Honey Month,meet old friends and make new ones. The grounds of the Wagnalls Memorial Library made a BeesPerfect setting for the event. For more on the library and Lithopolis check out my earlier post. 

beebeardframed     MORE ABOUT BARRY CONRAD  The mission of the Lithopolis Honeyfest as stated in their program,”Experience the science and art of Apiculture (Beekeeping),and create a robust atmosphere of Art,Music.Food,Fun and People. I wasn’t expecting a “Book Signing” at this event but there sure was. I am now the proud owner of “Naomi the Queen Bee” by Kristen Fea-Clark.

kristenframed  Kristen resides in Clayton, Ohio with her husband, Bill, her son, Kollin, and their two, furry friends, Salvador and Tawny. Take a second to visit her website and learn more.

bookframed  I have made an early start on my Christmas shopping for the Grand Children with the purchase of this book. Not only that, I now know why “A queen bee must have a heart ten times the size of an ordinary bee.” You will just have to read the book yourself to learn the answer. For easy shopping click. Next, a few exhibits for the Arts & Crafts:



The way Arnold Crabtree (The Bee Man) of the area sees it, “One thing I know from working with bees is that all life can’t be created with just a boom. There’s more to it than that. No one can spend time in a hive and not see the power of God and His presence.” Of course info on bees and music from Dave Hawkins (Dave is an Americana artist with his Irish roots showing.) and Luxury Brown to name a few.


Has your dog bee trained? If not::::


For the very first time on this blog I’m going to mention FOOD. LOL

The applesauce is cooking as I write this postapplecollage


MY FAVORITE::: POPCORN DONE A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY FROM Hot Pot Creations Kettle Corn ( The Clarks from Columbus) (a touch of sugar does the trick)



Read what Morgan Day (Lancaster Eagle-Gazette) says about the FEST…… CLICK Crowds swarm for Lithopolis HoneyFest

Joe Todd and Linda say thanks for stopping by as we end the HoneyFest day with this beautiful sunset.




Snowbrush said...

I recently had some honeybees move into the upper half of my squirrel condo. I didn't want them there because the squirrels were moving out and because I didn't want 80 pounds of honey hanging onto supports that weren't meant for that much weight. So, I harassed the hive with sticks and a garden hose once a day for two days, but, what with it being late in the year, I was afraid they wouldn't survive if they moved, so I stopped. Two days later, they swarmed. This was just last week. I sure do feel badly about it.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Looks like you had a great time at the Honey Festival. I cannot believe that man with the bees all over him... Yow!!!!!! Sounds like you got some good apples. Did you try that special popcorn???? AND---did you go home with lots of HONEY????

Thanks for sharing the festival with us.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your photo collages of sights you saw while at the Honey Festival. I don't believe I've ever heard of such a festival. Were there any loose honeybees flying about? I hope no one got stung! I hope you came home with some honey. The festival looks like a good place to pick up some honey.

Joe Todd said...

Already had lots of honey so came home with the LARGE bag of popcorn LOL

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Thanks for sharing your great day with us Joe. this really looks like a fun festival.

June said...

What a multi-layered good time!
The picture of the old house really grabbed me . . . look at those WINDOWS!

Anonymous said...

The buzzing bee beard guy must have been quite a sight!

Noel Morata said...


wow a whole festival to celebrate bees, how wonderful is that...the first pic is scary :)

my tuesday tour of a hike to the lava on my sari blog.

Sylvia K said...

What a fun festival, Joe! And what terrific captures for the day! Thanks for sharing the fun!! have a great week!


Marie said...

What a lovely post with many interesting images. Love the buzz beard and the last picture with the sunset is awesome.

Kay L. Davies said...

What a fascinating festival. I've read so much lately about bee populations dropping and the problem of colony collapse, I was glad to read good things about bees.

Alberta, Canada

EG CameraGirl said...

Thanks for giving us a taste of what Honeyfest was all about, Joe!

Anonymous said...

The buzzing bee beard guy is the coolest!
Love the photo of fruit and vegetables: they look so appealing...

Al said...

That looks like a fun festival. Although the idea of having bees crawling all over me makes me shudder.

Unknown said...

I love visiting events like this, you always learn so much and there's alot to see and do.

Larry D said...

That looks like a great festival!

Jim said...

This festival sounds interesting.

TONY LETTS said...

I think you'd enjoy 'The Bee song' by Arthur Askey - google it :)

George said...

I hadn't heard of the Honeyfest before, but it looks as if it would be a wonderful festival to attend.
I'm assuming that the bee population in your part of the country is pretty healthy.
You captured a gorgeous sunset.