Thursday, December 16, 2010

Haunting Skies at the “Ridges” in Athens,Ohio


I spent a day at the Ridges in Athens,Ohio. First, I toured the Kennedy Museum (CLICK) then on to the haunted and boarded up old TB hospital. Lastly, a leisurely stroll thru the cemetery. I felt “spooked” for a week after that walk. Enough from me here are my skies for SkyWatch Friday.





Next, the old TB Hospital:: (CLICK) AND SEE WHY IT IS HAUNTED


OK one photo from the  KENNEDY MUSEUM:: (CLICK) for more info.


Very late the same day I was at the Millfield Mine Disaster site (CLICK) hence the following photo


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beamup2 See what a trip to a haunted Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery will do to you LOL…

Frank & Ernest


Julie said...

Wow.... very interesting post. ~segway~ Did you ever watch Laugh-In (Rowan and Martin) years ago?....**giving away my age - when you're 50, that's not too hard to do...remember the guy on there who said Verrrrrry Interesting with an accent??? lol...that's my comment today...
ANYWHO...The photos are beautiful and yes. haunting ..knowing where you took them.. I actually thought of Shutter Island as I was scrolling...did you see that movie? talk about spooky...
Laughed at the ET shot.. thanks for the smile today! Enjoyed.

Sylvia K said...

Terrific, fascinating post and photos, Joe! There is indeed a haunted air about the place. Lots of grief, fear, sickness seems embedded in the walls! How blessed we are not to have lived then! Have a great weekend!


Kay Dennison said...


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Funny, Joe... Did that visit to the 'asylum' make you feel as if you 'belonged' there???????? Maybe you saw your own name on a tombstone in that cemetery.... Did ya????? ha ha

Interesting pictures and story... Thanks for sharing.. NOW---relax and go and see some pretty Christmas lights...

Jenny said...

Deliciously creepy shots! Call Stephen King! He'll want to know about that place. Merry Christmas to you!

Sally in WA said...

Great photos. I can see why that place gave you a spooky feel.

Have a great weekend!

Kim, USA said...

Just the building alone makes me spook already. Can't imagine what it looks like inside ewwww! Great post thanks for sharing!
Sky Watch

Lona said...

Joe I went there when it was still open to visit a patient and it gave me the creeps then so I would really be freaked out going now. LOL! You have been on a good spook hunt lately.
I have never grown Calla lilies from seed before. You will have to keep me updated on them.
Did you get any snow there? We got five new inches today. That is enough and I am all over it now.Old Mans Cave looks pretty though with the snow and ice.
I want to wish you and Linda a Wonderful Christmas.

Carolyn Ford said...

oh wow, so spooky but exciting too. the skies are splendid as a backdrop! How will you top this outing?

Anonymous said...

Great Photos! Your visit to the Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery looks a little scary! :-)

God bless you Joe and have a great Christmas


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen a sky as pretty as that many days this month!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The skies are very pretty and blue
! The hospital reminds me that the good old days definitely weren't always so good.