Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Hike at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park---#Ohio



How about a hike at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park near Lancaster,Ohio… (on the first day of spring)


Park includes  a couple of walking loops with nice diversity; old homestead and great views.



As spring progresses the diverse habitats will make the park  a great place to look for wildflowers and birds.



Well maintained walking paths


Chestnut Ridge Metro Park

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I took a side trail to check out the old farmstead.




Steep trails = workout opportunity as cross country runners and backpack hikers know from their training sessions in this four season park. Look at the next photo closely. Do you see the cross country runners?



I didn’t have my camera ready when the three deer went through the woods just beyond the downed log.


Pond: Children 15 and younger and adults 60 and older can fish from the pond's two docks. An observation deck for viewing waterfowl and wildlife is also available.

jtf There is one LONG HILL that makes for a good workout.. close to home..well maintained…and scenic…. Hope everyone had a great 1st day of spring..

mqtnew Sorry I couldn’t resist:: What is the moral of this story?

While hiking in the woods, Nate and Sam found this huge rock
which had an old iron lever attached to it. Etched into the
rock was the following inscription: "If this lever is
pulled, the world will come to an end!" Nate wanted to pull
the lever and see what would happen, but Sam, being a
paranoid pessimist, greatly feared this! He said to Nate
that if he tried to pull the lever, he'd shoot him! In a
daring attempt, Nate lunged for the lever, and sure enough,
Sam shot him! What is the moral of this story? Better Nate than lever!




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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh groooan on the pun ;>)...The walk looks wonderful (love the idea of the old home and history along with the nature) -- and best of all it looks like spring is on the way.