Sunday, August 03, 2014

Two College Seniors & Their Exam….

MQTlogoaA big thanks to Terry for his email quality time joke


col2 Two college seniors had a week of exams coming up. They decided to party instead.

col3  Their biggest exam was on Wednesday, and they showed up telling the professor that because of

col5  Fat Tire they needed a bit more time to study.

col6 The professor told them that they could have another day to study. That evening, both of the boys crammed all night until they were sure that they knew just about everything.

Arriving to class the next morning, each boy was told to go to two separate classrooms to take the exam. Each


boy just shrugged and went to the two different parts of the building.

As each sat down, they read the first question.

"For 5 points, explain the contents of an atom."

col9 At this point, they both thought that this was going to be a piece of cake, and answered the question with ease.
Then, the test continued.

"For 95 points, tell me which tire it was...!!!


Actually they both aced the test…..How did they do it??? They simply told the truth…

col4 It wasn’t a flat tire it was New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale.. The Fat Tire recipe originates from a co-founder's bicycle trip through Belgium from brewery to brewery. The company promotes its Fat Tire ale locally by the public placement of colorful vintage bicycles outside its brewery, which is located adjacent to the public bike path along the Cache La Poudre River. READ MORE

irishdrunk I'll bet you didn’t see that one coming LOL… Have a great day.. and yes I missed a couple exams because of a few to many ales…

The professor was a little hard of hearing. What can you do????

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TexWisGirl said...

haha. yes, i thought of fat tire ale (not a fan of it, but i'm sure it caused many a hangover.) :)

mun said...

Hah! This is a good one. I didn't see the twist coming. I have heard of this joke but not this ending where both boys aced their exam. Fat tire ale is not sold here in my country.