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Sidewalks & Trees In Lancaster,Ohio “Who Should be Responsible?”

MQTlogoa Is this a “Quality Time” problem?

LANCASTER, Ohio - A Lancaster city councilman has a plan to repair the city's cracked and crumbling sidewalks. Councilman Randy Groff said the city hasn't been enforcing the current code pertaining to sidewalks and it is impacting the safety of the community. READ MORE

My Story:: First, let me say I love trees and over my lifetime I have planted 100’s of trees. I’ve also cut a few down. ( one winter I heated my house with a really good wood stove and a lot of wood)..

100_8402 As far as I was concerned that is one beautiful tree and it did provide a lot of shade in the summer though raking the leaves was a pain.




One could not have a good sidewalk and that tree.



100_8416 The cost “to me” for having the tree taken down and the stump removed plus “clean up” was about $1200.00 At the present time I’m waiting to get the second estimate for having the sidewalk taken out and replaced. Mid Ohio did say they would come back and take out the rest of the stump that had grown under the sidewalk. (once the concrete is removed)

Remember:: I didn’t plant the tree.. the City of Lancaster did…..

What the City of Lancaster has to say:

Street Trees

“What is a street tree?
In the City of Lancaster, trees are generally located in either the public right of way (i.e., street tree) or on private property. Street trees are typically located along sidewalks adjacent to streets.” Read the whole story

Who is responsible for maintaining street trees?


“I want to prune, trim, remove (or anything else!) my tree, but I was told I need a permit.  Is this true?

A street tree was recently removed in front of my home.  How long do I have to replace it?
All trees removed must be replaced within one year of the removal unless exemption is granted by the Shade Tree Commission. I hope I’m not arrested for not replacing “the tree yet”

What if there is a storm?? I guess you just suck it up and have good insurance. (Storm of 2012)




DSC_0065  A STREET TREE?????? Maybe



A STREET TREE DESTROYS PART OF HOUSE IN LANCASTER,OHIO… That could have been MY HOUSE.. (there goes the bedroom) What does the City Of Lancaster say::: “Please consult with City Arborist Jim Bower about your site and personal concerns.  Future sidewalk damage can be avoided by choosing a tree variety that best suits each situation.”  I say “well maybe”

DSC_0059 “OUCH”

I met Mr. Bower when I got the permit to have “my street tree” taken down and it seemed to me he knew what he was doing. If a tree were to be planted the above “problems” could be avoided by choosing the correct tree variety.

header840700 Personally, I love the trees at Rising Park in Lancaster,Ohio… At my house three trees have been taken down including the “street tree”. I have planted six trees:: Apple,Peach, and Pear…two of each.. I planted them,take care of them, and enjoy their fruit.

DSC_0001a This year the pear trees in the side yard are loaded with delicious pears.

DSC_0004b So.. what is the answer? For me. I’m going to get the sidewalk fixed and with  Jim’s help replant a “street tree” of the proper variety. When you see all the damage that can be done by trees/storm etc. one can see just how important Jim’s job can be.

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Rising Park & Mount Pleasant…Lancaster,Ohio


MQTlogoa Is this a “Quality Time” problem? I would say Maybe…LOL

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Special thanks to: Jim Bowers & Jennifer Jarrell

One Last Photo from after the storm


Have a great day…..


mun said...

It seems to me to be so unfair that you have to pay so much money to remove the tree and repair the sidewalk and also to replace the tree when you did not plant the original tree. Why didn't they plant a correct tree in the first place?

Joe Todd said...

All very good questions with no answers. Sometimes life isn't fair. I am going to check with the city to see if they have a program to help with the cost

Jenn Jilks said...

You are right, we must be careful what we plant! Sometimes, even after research, it all goes bad. Good luck with all this. Such storms we've been having.

Small Kucing said...

I dont quite catch it. You mean the council planted the tree..if you want to trim or prune it you will have to get permit..BUT if the tree fell or made the pavement crack, you have to bear the cost? That is just so unfair.