Friday, June 26, 2009


About a week ago the gym Linda and I went to (metro fitness) in Lancaster closed. We will miss seeing Tracy and joking with her. Anyway, for the past week we have been going on daily walks . Today’s walk actually lasted a couple hours with a couple breaks thrown in. 100_2072

About half an hour into the walk we come to Rising Park and Mt. Pleasant. If you would like to see what the park looks like in the winter check out this YouTube video.


The pond: Ice skate in the winter,fish in the summer. Spent a lot of hours there as a kid. Several of my home made boats are at the bottom of that pond.


Tennis camp (not my sport) I would rather pitch horse shoes


No one ever seems to be doing that


Maybe a little lunch at the shelter house or watch the GRAND CHILDREN play at the playground

100_2068 How about a hike to the top of Mt. Pleasant

DSCN0344 A view from the top looking over the Fairgrounds which is next part of the walk




I grew up on Wilson Ave. in Lancaster and the back of our house bordered the fairgrounds. Hence, I we (the neighborhood kids) spent a lot of time there ( baseball,football,digging holes,setting off fireworks,club house in a horse stall, and the old Civil Air Patrol building.



100_2078 When I was growing up these horse stalls were really only used during the fair and were vacant the rest of the year. We had a back entrance from the wooded area (a tunnel dug under the wall) . This is where the “lab” was set up for making all our rockets.  If you have ever seen the movie OCTOBER SKY that was us.(made it to the state science fair with one of those rockets)


This building is where the Civil Air Patrol met. Once again an unlocked window from the wooded side of the building gave easy access. We would get inside this building do some marching around and sit at the big desk. The idea was to leave everything exactly as we found it so there would be no trouble. Next ,to our FIELD OF DREAMS:


Those houses in the background face Wilson Ave and the back of the houses face this field. Baseball,football, and rocket launching area. We never did pay to get into the fair just climbed the fence. During fair time they put straw down and line the cows up along that fence.  

100_2085 The house on the right is where I lived. The white picket fence wasn’t there and we had a large apple tree in the back yard. Of course there was a mandatory tree house in the top of the tree. Heading home now

100_2088That is Mt.Pleasant in background. 

100_2096 A couple months back the building shown below was the mystery photo in an Ohio country magazine.


100_2092 When I got a little older I spent some time in this next building


Some might say a little to much time. Well the walk is almost over but on the way back we stop to smell the flowers

100_2098  On at street

100_2101 that should be called a circle.

100_2100 Timing is just right. We get home just in time to go  golfing in Granville at the Granville Golf Course


My wife Linda had a hard time saying good bye to Bambi:

100_2111 Thanks for stopping by Joe Todd


TONY LETTS said...

you seem to live in a wonderful part of the world Joe!

Robin said...

What a lovely tour into your neighborhood and glimpse into your childhood. It both looks and sounds idyllic.

Anonymous said...

I understand your wife - Bambi is extremely cute. My favorite was the view from the top. What a great feeling! I bet you have tons of pictures left from that walk - lots of amazing things to see!

Girl Tornado said...

You guys are taking some pretty awesome walks these days! I always loved that about Ohio -- great place to hike or walk. And better temps to do so than we are having here. Just walking out to the shop makes one drip sweat this week.

That Fairview Inn looks awfully familiar - my ex-bf had a Harley and for five years we rode with a pretty big group of friends every Saturday, often to southern Ohio. There were always small-town pub stops along the way. Sat on many a pub patio - was great fun!

Joe Todd said...

Thanks for all your comments.We are going to head out in a different direction next time.

BUDnPUP said...

An idea for others who love MT P