Friday, September 11, 2009



The “Home Office” of Longaberger is only a seven story Basket.


The Longaberger company is family owned and is dedicated to making products right here in America. Linda and I thought this would be a great place to visit on this 9-11-09


Members of the Longaberger family; Wendy and Larry were on hand to “sign your basket”. In particular I liked Larry’s “workshop” and in talking to Wendy I found her to be a “hoot”


Notice the magnetic plate holding the small piles of nails.

Starting to get a little hungry so we are off to get a bite to eat.



Well we get inside the restaurant and who do we see. I asked the mime if he left us anything to eat but didn’t get any response. Imagine that. We had a great lunch for just a little over $15.00 and with our energy restored we set out for a little shopping and touring.


Room after room of “goodies” cooking lessons and a snack bar. Before heading over to the “factory” we relax and listen to some very good music.


100_3057 I don’t know her name but she sure did know how to sing. Next,we take the shuttle bus over to the “factory” and “factory store” where you can enroll in “basket making 101”. Learn how to weave your very own basket with a skilled artisan showing you the “way to weave”

collage9  Wait a minute the fellow in the top center photo isn’t making a basket.


Taking a closer look he was in the pie eating contest,which I missed. At any rate it was a great outing on a beautiful day in Ohio.

Project22 Ted R. says, “take some time to Discover Ohio ” and thanks for stopping by but I’ve got to weave now.

One last comment: On the shuttle bus the woman driver said, “you know where everything is.” I said, “am I suppose to know where everything is” She thought a moment and said, “well no you’re a man”


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joe: Very cool post, I do remember the basket office one time I was travelling across state on business.

Chloe m said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
That is one large picnic basket. Is it filled with goodies?

SandyCarlson said...

That was utterly amazing. I just called my daughter over to enjoy your photos with me. I love the basket building, that it's in the heart of America, that it's products are American, and that it's all just plain, old-school good. Love it!

Vixen said...

What an amazing place. I wanted to go as soon as I saw the giant basket, but then I found out you can learn to weave baskets! And such an affordable lunch. Too bad Ohio is so far from me, or I know what I would be doing this weekend.

Maia T said...

It was a real pleasure traveling with you and visiting these unique places like the basket building and the apple basket.
Thanks for your visit and welcome message on my blog.

BPOTW said...

What a fun building! I never would have imagined one like that! Looks like you had a very fun time!!

Linda said...

What a huge enterprise! And it's good to buy local/national.

Anonymous said...

lovely photos & nice reading...beautiful!

TONY LETTS said...

What a wonderful state you live in Joe

Louise | Italy said...

Great post, Joe. It must have taken ages! Those basket buildings are incredible -- only in America!

June said...

A friend who collects Longaberger baskets took the same tour a few years ago. I remember being awed by the "basket" office building when she showed me her pictures. It is no less awe-inspiring to me now.
That hadda be one expensive building to build!

eileeninmd said...

What a neat post! I loved all the photos and your story. That is one huge bakset.

Sheila Scarborough said...

I've always thought that the "basket building" was an absolutely brilliant piece of marketing by Longaberger. Fun post - thanks!

Dimple said...

I never thought about making buildings to look like baskets! But now I have to check out some baskets to see where they were made, because they sure look like those buildings! Only smaller...

Hannah said...

I've never been to Ohio, but your post sure is inviting. I'd love to see the basket building. lol It makes me laugh with delight.

Thanks for your visit. :)