Sunday, July 06, 2014

Over The Cliff

MQTlogoa Quality time in the Hocking Hills….On the trail at The Cantwell Cliffs


Two Indians, Running Bear and Little Beaver went to the outhouse teepee, situated on the edge of a cliff.

108px-Ninigret99PX-T~1 After using the outhouse teepee, they went back to the village. The next day, they again went to the outhouse teepee.


Running Bear said, "Terrible, terrible, the outhouse teepee smells to high heaven! What should we do? We can't ever use it smelling like that!" Little Beaver suggested, "Why don't we just push the outhouse teepee over the cliff, and go build another one?"


They both agreed and pushed the outhouse teepee over the cliff.
A few days later, the chief of the tribe called a pow wow.


He asked," Who threw the outhouse teepee over the cliff?" No one answered. He then told this story.
When George Washington was a little boy, his father asked, "Who chopped down the cherry tree?" Little boy George Washington answered, "It was I father."


His father was so pleased with the answer, that he rewarded Little George Washington, and later in life, he became the Great leader of his nation.
"Now again, I ask, who pushed over the outhouse teepee?" Little Beaver said, It was I that pushed over the outhouse teepee, thinking he would get a reward. In that moment, the Chief jumped on Little Beaver and severely beat him. He ended up in the hospital.


A month later, the Chief was visiting the hospital, and came across Little Beaver. Little beaver asked," Chief, how come you beat me up?"

The Chief answered, "George Washington's father wasn't in the Cherry Tree!"


MQTlogoa Quality time in the Hocking Hills….On the trail at The Cantwell Cliffs

Memo To Self: Sunday 7/6/2014… Back home after spending a great week in the Hocking Hills with John,Katarina,and Linda.. beautiful weather a little cool for this time of year.

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