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MQTlogoa  Acadian Coastline, Gaelic Folklore, Celtic Culture and The The Mi'kmaq Nation… To say the least there is a lot going on in Cape Breton Nova Scotia. A “My Quality Time” post.
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The Skyline Trail::: “Length: 7.5 km (4.7 mi) return or 9.2 km (5.7 mi) loop Elevation: 290 - 405 m (950 - 1,330 ft) Time: 2 - 3 hours
Significant Features: Headland cliff, ocean Main trail suitable for most skill levels.  Boardwalk with steps at headland.  Rugged back loop.” Linda and I with my sister Sara and her husband Larry did the In-Out trail not the loop.

If one is going to do just one hike in this area this is the one to do. There are hundreds of wonderful blog posts/web sites devoted to this area with detailed photos and descriptions of the hike. You can do your own research if interested. Here are a couple links I really like: One Journey and Wandering Not Lost .
On this hike you may see moose and bear but we did not… so it goes…   Instead I offer up a “At A Breton Calvaire” from the book::”Cape Breton Tales” by Harry James Smith 1880-1918.
“Upon that cape that thrusts so bare.. Its crest above the wasting sea-Grey rocks amidst eternity- There stands an old and frail calvaire, Upraising like an unvoiced cry Its great black arms against the sky. For storm-beat years that cross has stood: It slants before the winter gale; And now the Christ is marred and pale;
The rain has washed away the blood That ran once on its brow and side, And in its feet the seams are wide.
But when the boats put out to sea At earliest dawn before the day. The fishermen, they turn and pray, Their eyes upon calvary:
“O Jesu, Son of Mary fair, Our little boats are in thy care!” and when the storm beats hard and shrill
Then toil-bent women, worn with fear, Pray for the lives they hold so dear, And seek the cross
upon the hill: “O Jesu, Son of Mary mild, Be with them where the waves are wild!”
And when the dead they carry by Across that melancholy land,- Dead that were cast up on the strand
Beneath a black and whirling sky,- They pause before the old calvaire; They cross themselves and say a prayer.

O Jesu, Son of Mary fair! O Faith, that seeks thy cross of pain! Their voices break above the rain,
The wind blows hard, the heart lies bare: Clutching through dark, their hands find Thee,
O Christ, that died on Calvary!”
Film crew getting ready to shoot a documentary… and now I’m HUNGRY:::
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The Beggars Banquet a chance for you to get into period costume and gorge on a feast of local seafood in a replicated 18th-century tavern.
2015-09-05 06.41.57 Hope you enjoyed the post/photos… and as always have

a great day…. Joe Todd reporting for “My Quality Time”
MQTlogoa Cape Breton Highlands National Park & The Skyline Trail

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