Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Born Sept. 19 1802 & The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

History..A Museum..A Joke..What more could you want?????

MQTlogoa1500x500 9/19/2018:: ajos Kossuth de Udvard et Kossuthfalva (Hungarian: Slovak: Ľudovít Košút, archaically English: Louis Kossuth) 19 September 1802

Kossuth_1838   Hungarian nobleman, lawyer, journalist, politician, statesman and Governor-President of the Kingdom of Hungary during the revolution of 1848–49.

“I know that there is one God in heaven, the Father of all humanity, and heaven is therefore one. I know that there is one sun in the sky, which gives light to all the world. As there is unity in God, and unity in the light, so is there unity in the principles of freedom. Wherever it is broken, wherever a shadow is cast upon the sunny rays of the sun of liberty, there is always danger of free principles everywhere in the world.”

“The unspoken word never does harm.”

“The cause of freedom is identified with the destinies of humanity, and in whatever part of the world it gains ground by and by, it will be a common gain to all those who desire it.”

“Judgment of the people is often wiser than the wisest men.”




The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is a railroad museum in Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The museum is located on the east side of Strasburg along Pennsylvania Route 741.









There was once a country boy who hated using the outhouse because it was hot in the summer and freezing in the winter...plus it stank all the time. The outhouse was situated on the bank of a creek and the boy determined that one day he would push that outhouse into the creek. So one day after a spring rain the creek was swollen so the little boy decided today was the day to push the outhouse into the creek. He got a large stick and started pushing. Finally, the outhouse toppled into the creek and floated away.  That night his dad told him they were going to the woodshed after supper. Knowing this meant a spanking, the little boy asked why. The dad replied, "Someone pushed the outhouse into the creek today. It was you, wasn't it, son?" The boy answered yes. Then he thought a moment and said, "Dad, I read in school today that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and didn't get into trouble because he told the truth." The dad replied, "Well, son, George Washington's father wasn't in that cherry tree."


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boromax said...

Well done. History, museum, joke. Love it. Have you seen a show at the Sight & Sound Millennium Theater? It is a stone's throw from the Railroad Museum.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Love the trains. Remember the joke ... I go back a long way too ;>)

Joe Todd said...

Haven't been to the Millennium Theater, If in the area again will check it out. Thanks