Thursday, October 21, 2010

Skies over Seneca Lake for SkyWatch Friday


A couple quick photos for SkyWatch Friday. Linda and I just got back from Seneca Lake which is part of the Muskingum Watershed in Ohio..


This photo was taken from our dock early in the morning as the sun tried to show it’s face above the horizon and through the mist.


This photo was taken the same day late in the afternoon. I really love the blue. The photo is right out of the camera. Once winter gets here the skies will be back to gray LOL

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

1797 Camp AT Conkle’s Hollow in the Hocking Hills


Conkle’s Hollow:Local Directions
Approximately 12 miles south of Logan on State Rte 664, 1 mile north on State Rte 374, and .25 mile east on Big Pine Rd to the signed entrance.
The weekend of Oct. 16th and 17th 2010 pretty busy with great colors,weather and a reenactors encampment.





Let’s take a closer look at he Dutch Oven

DSC_0005 Wonder what’s cooking

DSC_0068 Now I’m really hungry. The pie cooked for about 20 minutes in the Dutch Oven with coals on bottom and top. Now for some beef Jerky



I wonder where Linda went? DSC_0014 Gotta keep my eye on her.




We haven’t even been hiking yet but we are having great fun. Did you know Conkle’s hollow Gorge trail is a 1-mile handicapped-accessible trail. (pretty neat)


Spectacular sandstone gorge with excellent vistas, spring wildflowers and fern communities.


Take a look at the ferns:


Where did all this sandstone come from?

“About 350 million years ago, this portion of Ohio lay under the waters of a vast inland ocean. Rivers flowing into this ancient sea carried coarse and fine grained sands, depositing them in large wide deltas much like the present day delta at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Over millions of years, these sand deltas were buried by finer textured silt and clay sediments. Eventually these sedimentary deposits were compressed to form a thick hard layer of sandy textured rock, now referred to as Black Hand sandstone.” READ MORE


“The deep, cool gorge, which is only 100 feet wide in places and is considered by some to be the deepest in Ohio, has numerous waterfalls cascading over its sandstone cliffs.” No waterfalls today just been to dry.

I you would like to see what the Hollow looks like in the winter with those frozen waterfalls CLICK

FRAMEDWATER2 Thanks for stopping by. Linda and I are getting ready to take the boat out for a couple days. We are heading to” Seneca Lake which is in eastern Ohio, mostly in Noble County, with a small northern portion in Guernsey County.” This post only shows a small portion of the gorge trail. The Rim trail is spectacular. My back has been acting up a little so we took it a little easy this trip.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

In The Woods at Clear Creek Metro Park for SkyWatch


     Today’s SKYWATCH is brought to you by the color BLUE.. Yesterday, I made a short road trip to Clear Creek Metro Park and the Thomas Cabin about twenty minutes S.E. of Lancaster,Ohio. The weather was great and for the most part the sky was a wonderful BLUE. Blue is calming. It can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly. Almost everyone likes some shade of the color blue.

framedlinda  Country Magazine says, "Words to Live By: If your train of thought isn't getting you anywhere, you're probably on the wrong track.”


So for today I’ll change the perspective. I love to take a bag lunch to the woods lay on the ground and watch the sky/woods and listen to the silence of the woods. This is some of what I saw. 

“There's something about the woods.
All alone surrounded by God's magic.
Peace and quiet in my solitaire moods.
No worries, people or events so tragic.”

framed1Crisp, cool air in my lungs.
The whisper of forest breeze.
A break from climbing life's rungs.
A special time on my memory to freeze.”


“A paradise of contentment,
to restore my soul’s energy.
No worry about advancement.
Basking in nature's sweet synergy. “


“No more of life's fast frame.
Back in control of my time.
Each day not more of the same.
Money no issue I don't need a dime.”


“There's something about the woods.
Only here can real peace be found.
Not a crowded neighborhood,
where all is one busy loud sound.”


“Nothing can compare to star lit canopy.
A hot steaming cup of campers tea.
The preservation of my sanity.
I escape from life's endless sea.”

Thanks to Larry Matthews for these fine words

framed5 Joe Todd reporting from the Thomas Cabin at Clear Creek Metro Park.. To explore beautiful skies from around the world make sure to visit:


The first two photos were taken by my wonderful wife Linda.. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gilmore Farm A Freedman’s Home

If you would be in Charlottesville and/or visiting Montpelier make sure to check out the Gilmore Farm


“The historic Gilmore Farm. This parcel is the site of the restored home of George Gilmore, a former slave at Montpelier who lived there with his wife Polly and their family. A large Civil War Encampment site, immediately adjacent to the Gilmore Farm, was occupied during the winter of 1863-1864 by troops from Gen. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, before they fought at the Battle of the Wilderness. Easements on these properties will protect these cultural assets and make them available for the public benefit” READ MORE



“In 2005 Montpelier restored the Gilmore Cabin to give visitors an opportunity to see the transition from slavery to freedom for African Americans. It stands as the only restored Freedman's home in Virginia.” READ MORE

Hugh shows us around and gives us a history lesson.


Let’s take a look upstairs in the “loft”



“In 1880, 15 years after the Civil War ended, freedman and farmer George Gilmore's personal property included one horse, two cows, four swine and various poultry. All together, his assets were worth $26.” READ MORE



Hugh said, “There are some black bears in the area.  I’m afraid one day they may show up for a pork sandwich.”



And just down the road you will find the Montpelier Train Depot ( Now a Museum ) and the subject of a future post.



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Thursday, October 07, 2010

From Sebasco Harbor to Montpelier for SkyWatch Friday


Just got back from wandering and getting ready to leave again but wanted to do a quick SKYWATCH FRIDAY. Click on link to see some great skies from around the world..

This first photo is from a couple years ago when Linda and I went to Sebasco Harbor Resort. I’m pretty sure I haven’t used this photo before and the sky is at least interesting.


Tucked away on 550 acres on Maine’s Midcoast, Sebasco Harbor Resort is an authentic Maine vacation resort with breathtaking views and a wealth of activities. Linda and I spent three nights at the resort then went camping for seven more nights near Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia National Park (A favorite of mine)

The next photo (collage) was taken at James Madison’s Montpelier. (our most recent wandering trip).


Sky photos taken from inside the Yard Cupola. I know, not great skies but still maybe an interesting collage. President Madison would spend time at this structure meditating. There was/is a large hole in the ground under this structure that was used to store blocks of ice. I guess Dolly Madison liked her ice cream. LOL.. President Madison was the only president to lead troops in the field while he held office. ( What war would this be?)

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Monday, October 04, 2010

The Greenbrier White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia

A That’s My World Tuesday Post and only a one tank trip from Lancaster,Ohio

     Recently, Linda and I along with my sister Sara and her husband Larry went on a road trip to Charlottesville,Virginia. Let me introduce the intrepid travelers.

saralindalarryframed   Even though we cut the trip short by one day because of weather we did get to visit Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello,James Madison’s Montpelier,James Monroe’s Ash Lawn-Highland and Michie Tavern.. A lot of great history all very close together. We didn’t have the opportunity to visit the University of Virginia,any of the many Vineyards,or Historic Downtown Charlottesville. I will have future posts covering the above. On the way home we stopped in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia and visited the Greenbrier.


All I can say is the resort simply takes your breath away. The classic architecture and exquisite interior design is really something. “A spring of sulphur water is at the center of the resort property. It issues forth below the green dome of the white-columned springhouse that has been the symbol of The Greenbrier for generations.” Just to make things even more interesting,The Greenbrier is also the site of a massive underground bunker that was meant to serve as an emergency shelter for the United States Congress during the Cold War.(tours available).





“Twenty-six presidents have been hosted at The Greenbrier. The Presidents' Cottage Museum is a two-story building with exhibits about these visits and the history of The Greenbrier. The building is open seasonally.” We didn’t get to see this,or The Bunker maybe a return trip.


In checking the rates for the Greenbrier I found them a little rich for my taste but::: From Jan.—Mar. there are some room rates for about $60.00 per night. Though, at that time of year I wouldn’t be able to play golf at any of the four championship golf courses. There is a new casino that just opened.

DSC_0411  DSC_0412



Mirror reflection of Linda and I and then we had to leave ( so sad )



This is one place you won’t get bored. They even have an “off road” driving school LOL or for some of the older folks like myself:

sign Having lived through the “COLD WAR” I was particularly interested in “THE BUNKER” so I looked up this YouTube video made by Hastings Travel. The video gives a short overview of the entire resort plus the bunker.

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