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Thomas Paine Born
January 29, 1737
Thetford, Norfolk, Great Britain Died
June 8, 1809 (aged 72)
New York, NY, Wikipedia
Enlightenment, Liberalism, Radicalism, Republicanism Main interests
Religion, Ethics, Politics

     At the regular meeting of the Commonsense Club some closing remarks were made by Bro. Jim H.  as follows:

     “My fellow members of this here club, I wish to assure you that these are troublous times. We are living in the midst of sin and sorrow and mostly the sorrow is the result of the sin. However, I want to say that honesty ain’t such a rare virtue as some folks suppose, but you better keep your eye skinned for dishonesty. It slips up on you unawares. “All is not gold that glitters,” said the poet, or somebody. And when you are offered goods below cost, or “just as good for less,”  keep your hand on your purse tight. And when you read an ad that offers to tell you how to get rich, if you send in seventy five cents—hold on to your money for the man that knows that little secret ain’t goin’ to sell it for no six bits.

     And when the polytician says, “Come vote with us and we will do you good,” he may mean to do you, for sure.

     So I’m a tellin ye now, keep your eyes wide open and your purse tight shut. For while most folks is square,and our neighbors are as good as we are, and some of em better, yet the swindler and the grafter and the gambler is abroad on the land a seekin whom he may devour, and a wise looking-out for your own self  is worth a ton of complaining afterwards, when you realize your loss.

     And don’t you notice that the places to spend money is more numerous than the places to earn it. It seems so distasteful to some to earn money that they devise some plan to get money  and that is why I am saying to you all, beware.

     Let us cogitate more on the earning and saving of our slender incomes and forget some of the spending and waste.

     You all is dumb enough to know that when you make a dollar and spend two dollars you is worse than broke. Business  teach spending, and amusements teach waste. This club instructs you to earn—yes earn an honest livin’ and live an honest life.  

Submitted by the scribe: Joe Todd

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