Wednesday, April 22, 2009


     First we would like to introduce our newest member. Bros. An Gree recently arrived from France.

BEAR1  This session of the Common Sense Club closed with the following remarks by Bro. Charlie L.

     “Men and brothers, I want you to consider that opportunity is a mighty hard hoss to halter. You may lead him to the water tank but he won’t always drink.

     Some of you men are waiting, day by day, for something to turn up. You might as well sit down on a stump in the middle of a pasture field with a pail between your knees and wait for a cow to back up and be milked. It just don’t happen. Even when the cow is tied to a post and can not get away, she will often kick the pail over about the time you have it full of milk.

     Some say that opportunity knocks once, at least on every man’s door, and they are waiting to hear the knock. Well it did that when you were born. You were ushered into a free country with the whole land before you and needs of all kinds on every hand and that is all the knock needed on your door.

     We have to many alibis and excuses and pity ourselves and envy the fellow who seems prosperous, but the fact remains that most of our successful men have been handicapped. But will power , determination and energy overcame all hindrances.

     A card on my table says, “ I felt sorry that I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.” Edison was deaf, Milton the poet was blind and Lincoln was poor, but have we ever heard of them wasting any time with vain regrets? Brothers do not regret the past but learn from it.

     The best we can do is to do well the first thing our hands find to do and no doubt there will be another job ready as soon as the first one is finished.

     The man who is seeking employment and praying that he may not find it is seldom disappointed. He that loveth ease and sloth shall be a poor man, although opportunity may have banged on his door repeatedly.

     We should so act, “That each tomorrow find us farther on our way.”

Let it be resolved: We send Bro. Joe D. on a fact finding mission to our Nations Capital.



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