Wednesday, December 02, 2009



     Just outside of Lancaster,Ohio in Fairfield County one can find ROCK MILL.


     The RESTORATION of the mill is well underway and when operational will be driven by a 26-foot diameter wooden water wheel.


The  mill was originally built in 1787 by Joseph Loveland and Hezekiah Smith. If one wants to help with the restoration contact:

Fairfield County Historical Parks ~ 407 E. Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Phone: (740) 681-7249 ~ Fax: (740) 681-4719


     Just down the road you have Rock Mill Lake which is impounded by Hunters Run Structure No. 9 Dam on the Hocking River in Fairfield County, Ohio and is used for flood control and recreation ( FISHING ) etc.


falls In closing I would like to mention a couple blogs I follow. First, JOYFUL REFLECTIONS visit Betsy from Tennessee. She really likes waterfalls and has some great photos on her blog. She is also an expert on the “church calendar” as one can tell by a couple of her recent posts. Second, ED KITCHEN PAINTINGS. you might even be able to find a painting of ROCK MILL.

TED R. Ted R. says, “ after reading Betsy’s blog I had to go out and find a waterfall (in the rain) and as always THANKS FOR STOPPING BY.



Unknown said...

What a gorgeous old grist mill. I had forgotten what treasures there are to be found in Ohio. I am so happy they are restoring it.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

I think it is good to see the old being repaired and used again. What was the mill used for and will it be used for the same purpose when restoration is complete?
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Editor said...

These are beautiful and very atmospheric photos. It is great to see such important history being preserved.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Thanks Joe.... And thanks also for posting a waterfall JUST for me. You'd better be careful though... You may get two old people up there visiting you --just to see the grist mill and WATERFALL.... ha ha

Thanks again for mentioning my blog.

June said...

I admire the bold straightforward working lines of old mills. I appreciate your link to the site that explains the process for the project to get it's hard to drum up support for saving those old beauties of buildings.

wenn said...

beautiful shots..

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that the gristmill is being restored. We have a few in various stages of disrepair here in Ontario but I don't know of any that are in operation. I need to research that!

Anonymous said...

This mill looks a lot like Bear's Mill near Greenville, Ohio. All nice photos.