Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Great Seal Of The State Of Ohio…

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“According to historical lore, the seal was based on the eastern view from Adena, the home of Thomas Worthington near Chillicothe. Worthington was one of Ohio's first two United States senators and he served as the sixth governor of the state.”  As we walk along passing through the grove.”


DSC_0134 The seal illustrates Ohio's diverse geography. In the background stands Mount Logan in Ross County.





Visit Adena CLICK

SEAL Seal!!! What seal!!!!  Have a great day .

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MQTlogoa The Great Seal Of The State Of Ohio…

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mun said...

Oh now I get what you mean. Your photo of the scenery above the seal is the actual scene depicted in the seal, right?

Joe Todd said...

That's the idea Mun.. I have lived in Ohio my whole life and this is the first I knew of this..

Small Kucing said...

Interesting. It's like the scene in our country's RM notes.

eileeninmd said...

I love the view from the seal and the pretty grove of trees! Great post, thanks for sharing..