Thursday, February 25, 2021

"Forgive everybody everything everyday."


Today's Quotes:: "Of all tasks of government the most basic is to protect its citizens against violence."

"A peaceful world is a world in which differences are tolerated, and are not eliminated by violence."
"A capacity to change is indispensable. Equally indispensable is the capacity to hold fast to that which is good."
“The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.”
“A man's accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of his attention to detail.”
"Forgive everybody everything everyday."
― John Foster Dulles
The teacher asks little Johnny if he knows his numbers.
“Yes,” he says. “My daddy taught me.”
“Can you tell me what comes after three?”
“What comes after six?”
“Very good,” says the teacher. “Your father did a very fine job. What comes after ten?”
“A jack,” answers Johnny.

The Tent in the first photo is the one they lost... 

  Have A Great Day J.T.

Job Search::

1. My first job was working in an Orange Juice factory 

      but I got canned Couldn't  concentrate.  

2. Then I worked in the woods as a Lumberjack,  

 but just couldn't hack itso they gave me the axe

After that, I tried being a Tailor,  

 but wasn't suited for it -- mainly because it was a sew-sew job.


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