Thursday, February 25, 2021

A Few Lake Penage Canada Pictures from years ago


Today's Quotes::"You know what ? Certain people think they will feel good if certain things happen… The trick is: you have to feel good for no reason."

"Remember, it’s your own body, your own brain. You’re not a victim of the universe, you are the universe."
"The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can’t, but in the things you’ve never considered doing."
"If you can’t enjoy what you have, you can’t enjoy more of it."
"Sometimes people say, 'One day you are going to look back at this and laugh.' My question is: 'Why wait?'"
- Richard Bandler

Big Skies…Big Land…Our Western Skies Arizona,Utah,Colorado,New Mexico for Sky Watch Friday “Look at the sky. We are not alone.

A Little Canada... Lake Penage Ontario, Canada

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